MENtal Health Monday: The ups and downs and all about BiPolar Disorder with Dr. Halverson

Monday, August 27th

Often misunderstood, and a beast to wrangle, what exactly IS BiPolar disorder?  This week we talk with another Doctor we've spoke with before, Dr. Jerry Halverson from Rogers Behavioral health about BiPolar Disorder, what it is, who can get it, how to treat it, and continue our quest to have an open and honest conversation about Mental Health.  

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Mental health Monday as an information on podcasts and should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of healthcare or mental health care professional until Monday can't be a responsible for the use of the information provided. Please always consult a trained mental health professional before making any decision regarding treatment of yourself or others self help information and podcasts and information on the Internet is useful but it's not always a substitute for professional assistance unless otherwise noted guests of mental Monday enough doctors are licensed and anyway our hopes to make the connection with you and be more open and honest about everyone's mental health into it I can. Hey there I'm rigs from rigs and Alley in the morning on one of three point seven kiss FM in Milwaukee Wisconsin welcome back to another episode of mental health Monday gay rigs off the radio podcast. In the past we talk about depression obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety. And in fact what Megan no real quick to go back and if you haven't to listen to past episodes of mental health month and they're all incredibly informative. With doctors we've also got some stories we do it's. The whole purpose of mental Monday is to start an open mental conversation. Specifically to amend his manner of the worst are talking about their feelings. Allow anybody can get something out of mental health Monday really want to Mendel listen. On its past episodes of mental Monday are great so go go back check him out feel free subscribe as well or even right near review if you have an extra couple minutes. I would write you review a finalist in the or pod cast so would she write one for mind body and this weekend doctor you've probably heard on previous podcasts doctor Jerry how percent. Bipolar disorder as a lot of stigma around bipolar disorder is a very misunderstood. Mental illness. Lot of people think that it's just kind of moody while she was really happy now she's sad she must be bi polar now. Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme highs. And lows in mood and energy while everybody experiences ups and downs it's a severe ships that happened in bipolar disorder and it never really serious impact on somebody's life. More than 3.3 million American adults suffer from bipolar disorder or any given year this week we discussed bipolar disorder for mental health Monday with doctor Jerry how percent chief medical officer for Rogers behavioral health. They do and a doctor now doctor how percent. What's your background give me your credentials relinquish. So I the wind too I UW I'm medical school okay and after medical school I did some presidency. At Mayo Clinic they did today. Rotating internship and actually an extra year of training and anesthesia. In and I completed my psychiatry residency at the medical out of Wisconsin. It happened that all of Wisconsin. Yes well only I guess I want to Rochester for awhile okay which feels a little bit like Wisconsin and brought presents a little bit. Yes well you know he's eight now on the go between now Milwaukee and Madison and in the journal com market that brought. Yours has been perfect bipolar disorder is over kind of talking about today coalesced and we talked we had a pretty in depth conversation about depression and bipolar disorder kind of an animal in itself. Kind of a brief description of what is bipolar disorder you haven't immediately. The perception of it is now. He really moody all the time that's probably not bipolar disorder manic or she could start like depression play is not bipolar disorder. Yeah so bipolar disorder is pretty misunderstood. I think that. People. He's become like schizophrenia schizophrenia something it's really misunderstood people that can't make up their mind their cult schizophrenic which doesn't share and make any sense. I'm bipolar disorder is related to depression so you can really think. Bipolar disorder and depression plus so you have these depressive episodes before and in. In bipolar disorder. You're more depressed then. Not depressed through his depressed or neutral state I'm more than you or. Hypo manic or manic which were right which will talk about. So the first thing understand about bipolar disorder is bipolar sure looks a lot like depression and 90% of the time. But then there's this extra bonus of hype Romania or Armenia. And if you hypo mania and I in this in this. Is a continuum I'm here I apple mania are episodes where you are feeling. It did not great let me be irritable and on May be somewhat agitated that access. Now says no sleep is not as good deeds don't feel like you need as much sleep he finally not needing sleep here. Able to get a little bit more Don you find your little bit more effective. But not not tremendously and then. On the other side of that is is mania and when he had mania. Your mood. Oftentimes. Is better it's not that just to hear your happy oftentimes when you're you're frustrated because you have a lot of ideas a lot of things to do. And not enough time to do it my you're not release sleeping. Or needing sleep pretty much at all. There can be a time if you were me if you uniform manic episode that's where. It might be more likely that you're seeing things and hearing things that people aren't able this year here we would call more psychotic features can happen. In in mania. Now what's important to remember about mood disorders is that everybody has moods. And there's a normal. Ups and downs of everyday life. And that doesn't that's completely normal needs are gonna train you're down now relate to work your pride and in this meeting. Your bond. Down but down a couple of hours later you're kind of back to normal shore or up to you made a time you found it's getting nice email from your life something else is gonna set you back up again. Get so depression as we talked about before or is it pretty persistent lol. That's above and beyond. What anybody's normal low would be sure. Mania and hypo mania are. Our elevations but they've generally tend to not last as long as depressions so depressions as we discussed last time. At least six weeks usually more meetings are much shorter than that I think what you see in the media. Is that India so manic episodes diplomatic episodes that last like a couple of hours horror I had that. I had a twenty minutes feeling good and I was a manic episode down not really mean romantic episode is at least get to be several days. Beasts four days to a week oftentimes these episodes whether it's apple mania that I was talking about or the more elevated mania out. They're generally lasting anywhere between one in four weeks is this a male or female thing you see more men are FEMA is a pretty pretty equivalent pretty frequently. Crossed the so there's there's thought to if you look at the statistics out there as we've discussed. There's a thought that there's more women with depression I think a lot of that is because more women approach. For help with depression sure bipolar disorder those numbers are pretty much the same path across minute. On what can cause mental disorder. I'm bipolar disorder is a is a it is mental illness to brain chemistry changes. More soul. Then depression suppression can often times I can be caused by bringing changes but often times bring change caused by stresses. Or changes or different things going on in life bipolar disorder is thought to be really tied to these green chemistry changes. And some of that can be in your genes basically and and you'll be more at risk for than others. But. It it seems to be much more biologically based purses environment and biologically based like that impressionist. Now oftentimes folks with depression they get diagnosed. With depression. And they're diagnosed with depression until they have their first title manic but manic episode. And they become diagnosed with bipolar disorder can. The problem with bipolar disorder in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is his a frequency of folks at high levels of your ability. On that when that lasts for several weeks. On that can also be looked at as a as a hype Romania or might take to. First I or type one. But we have many people that come in that had these beer short. Bursts of irritability. That means be more personality be easterly look at the world. Verses diagnosis of bipolar disorder terror now that's important because the medications that he's from bipolar sort of tend to have more side effects. Then the medications that we would use forestry depression forum. Personality disorder personality issue connected to depression so. Making that diagnosis in differentiating and is a very important diagnosis and change other misconceptions in the media and on TV nerves the movies that you see as a doctor. Yeah so well and Healy yeah cries like c'mon this is not helping I think bipolar disorder forever reason and and obviously I if I take care of folks have both bipolar disorder and depression. I polar shorter seems to be. Maurer and scary. Horror it is unproductive trade as he had more scary unpredictable. Whereas it's. Psychiatric disorder. Like any other psychiatric disorder and we have treatments that work. In depression. On its severe and can also become what we call psychotic. And you could lose track of a reality is they're both significant disorders that are required treatment. But I. Made the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and that seems to. People in harder wave and depression does but for some reason purchasing. And I noticed that and I think part of it is is that medications tend to have more side effects although. To be announced at The Who use a lot of the medications that we've historically used for bipolar shorter now being used for depression. And they have. The particular worries are waking. Often times in with the medications were is sort of I'm so went to get time as this when you start seeing signs of depression around irritable all the time is that we need to think the media could hand look at a significant depressive episode you should. See your doctor. And to what would be. Optimal over time is as this doctor is following you. And notices OK when there's a depressive episode and now there's any hypo manic but manic episode. Because that can be sometimes very difficult to diagnose sometimes the medications you're getting for repression. He may be more likely to cause it will mean in Armenia so having somebody. Monitoring that is is very important he said mania is and depressions have highs and lows as I would correct the mania is a high high and the depression. Is lol that can get pretty well so kind of a normal. Against an Indy mood or behavior will be just kind of a nice perhaps glove up and down. Everything's absolutely absolutely sign that's I think another thing and also at that people tend to have misconceptions about whether it's depression bipolar disorder. You're still human beings that has depression bipolar or most of the time you're not necessarily in an episode here if you're able to treated most of the time. You're kind of in any in any more normal state and sometimes. People have to take medications to keep them and then normal state. But if you have bipolar disorder and bipolar peace. He is a very small piece of your overall mood picture over your life depression. I is generally a small piece. Although the more depressions and the more bipolar so to have the more frequently become. But it's important to remember that if you're depressed you're not always depressed if you're always depressed then we. Think about other personality faced issues with things going on the both of these should be cyclical. And for the most part your going to be in New York normal state now as we talked about last time. With persistent depressive disorder some people almost takes a little bit lower. And now there are some people that have a normal state that's more economic cycle Crimea and kind of more curvy than others and and that can be. Genetically based personality leased or what's going on in your life based can you measure that a brain waves as far as the highs and the lows and you. That would be entry saying we haven't quite gotten there yet I know there's a lot of research going on right now looking at two EEG you know when I was at the university Wisconsin they were doing a lot of really interesting enough. Hi tech brain waves. And where they were really able to look at the O mostly single neuron. And we're learning more about it but there's really nothing. Established quite yet that's predictable rank as you can be depressed and have someone who's not depressed. In your brain waves could still look pretty similar to the rescissions to lyrical bipolar disorder and yet know whether we're. Actively engaged in that can researcher and a fence so there is help that there is a way to treat it. It's totally treatable again. You know one year hypo manic or manic I think what most folks. Have to understand is you think about a woman to feel great and I feel. You know better than ever and what we ask people is not necessarily how your mood is although that's important are you. It is there are more geared ability more agitation are you having racing thoughts are you. Engaged in behaviors. That tends to we callable corrective behaviors things that tend to make people happier yet. Gambling more are you having more promiscuous sex is there are you carry speeding argued drinking more U doing things. That tends to be more risky those are the types of cycles and having yeah Imus got ever you look at Vietnam and have a lot more than normal. If you look back it's like are we seem to do it a couple months out of the year I always seen anything gauge in this more. And that's something to look at and about you don't bipolar disorder and the highs. If people are able to manage the highest. They can be very creative. The kin. That there can be some positives. But unfortunately. There are some pretty crushing negatives that come into play if you're not able to get a better handle on them to think there will be some laws of physics there as high as high as it's probably an equally its bottom out low. He had he had and and even though year feeling good in your Phelan efficient. You're not as efficient as you think you are and what happens in those situations is people tend to continue to push toward these fun activities. And and everything else. Falls apart and you can imagine. Dad and your wife for your children if you're out doing all these gold erected activities you know hopefully that she now anyway but Graham Landers beaten in that you're not able to take care what you need to a home or work. Round so it's important to be able to to to recognize. Thanks to get a doctor out rescind if you feel like you might have bipolar disorder or depression or maybe just some that isn't right up in your brain talk to somebody talk to your physicians talk to a friend. There's also a great resource website mental health America dot net you can take a screen there and on that website when you click to take a screened. He can take screened for depression anxiety bipolar psychosis eating disorders PT SD. Work health addiction tests are online and they're great resources or just talk to somebody. It's always good to have an open conversation about mental health and that's why we do mental health Monday thanks so much for less than. If you or someone you know needs help there's always resources available the national suicide prevention lifeline is 1802738255. Or the crisis tax line you can text below 2741741. And speaking of the national suicide prevention lifeline I don't know if you heard but the house passed a bill to create a 911. Style national suicide hotline number. So you don't you call 911 for an emergency. 411 for information. 811 before you dig diggers have behind the there's also going to be another three digit number that the SEC is gonna work with does a mental health professionals. To design a three digit cold and anybody can call instead of remembering while it's great to have. 180273. Talk it's hard to remember for some people and if you're an emergency of some sort of mental crisis it's easier to remember three digit numbers self. We can start hammering in his three digit number and everybody's had. Namely consider a couple lives it's worth it right. Thanks for checking out another episode of mental health Monday. It's a rigs off the radio podcast do you enjoy the rest unite your morning or afternoon your evening your shower you're shaped whatever you're doing your work out I'll talk to you next time. Make your life decision.