Men of mental health Monday - Kevin Maslanka: Almost losing both parents, depression, anxiety, and living proof that somehow, someway, life always gets better.

Monday, July 23rd

We're not doctors this week, we're just dudes.  Kevin is a normal 24 year old man who works in the electrical / technology trade, a seemingly chill guy on the outside, with a pretty amazing story on the inside.  He came from a rough childhood after losing his father, then nearly losing his MOTHER, to then struggling with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide his whole life, through it all - he's always been open about his struggles.  Kevin is a perfect example that when men talk about their feelings in a casual and open setting have a better chance at a balanced mental well being.  Check out Kevin's story, including how he's had more than freaking SIX consussions - in this week's episode of MENtal Health Monday.   

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Mental health Monday as an information on podcasts and should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of healthcare or mental health care professional until Monday can't be a responsible for the use of the information provided. Please always consult a trained mental health professional before making any decision regarding treatment of yourself or others self help information and podcasts and information on the Internet is useful but it's not always a substitute for professional assistance unless otherwise noted guests of mental Monday enough doctors are licensed and anyway our hopes to make the connection with you and be more open and honest about everyone's mental health into the podcast. Oh okay. We check it out and other rigs off the radio podcast it's mental health Monday on the rigs from rigs and Allie and one of three point seven kiss FM. If you're not in Wisconsin that's a morning show in Milwaukee Wisconsin checking out some times where funny. But only sometimes we've covered a lot of topics ranging from things like anxiety OC DP TSD we've even talked to some doctors if this is the first mental health Monday podcaster checking out I would encourage you to go back and check out the other ones they really awesome. I needed at some future episodes plan we're talking about eating disorders and depression went. Doctors from Rogers behavioral health. And of course people mostly men who struggle with mental health every day and are open and and and honest about their story and the recovery this week we're gonna talk to another man of mental health Monday. Our first ever write in person peninsula Monday somebody that's listen to what they share their story today I want it she she do on my friend Kevin he's been a follower of the mental Monday podcast sent me a note wanted to share his story. And I think it additional information that's health Monday's can be therapeutic with stories hearing stories of people men mostly who struggle with mental illness. Hearing positive stories of recovery can help you know that you're not alone. You might hear a story from someone that you can relate to your not alone in your mental struggle other people may share the stage struggles that you face every single day. So let's get into Kevin's story what does he feel he should be featured on mental Monday while Evans struggled with inciting his entire life these. Guys it is low twenties Boston's deadly cancer when he was much younger almost lost his mom with Carney a myopic view back in 2000 eighths. Struggle with anxiety his whole life. Generalized anxiety disorder major depressive disorder he can struggle with suicide attempts but he very open and honest about his mental health. And it helped him navigate these waters and is everyday life he did include a quote in his email they wanted to put in the interview but we forgot. Told might put them afterwards to quote from two toxic tour from the song thugs mansion are you ready for the white listing ever like every human life. Make sense. I try at times or once contemplated suicide and would have tried the when I held at nine elected C was my mom is dives. That quote will make a lot more sense when you hear Kevin's story for mental health Monday. Now you struggle with mental illness pretty much your whole life right exactly my whole life you were younger I mean you can pinpoint back to a new city mustard and when you recant right. I would say I would say yeah. That that's the exact cause I've noted. Save at that affects more of my relationship dynamic. It's very hard to trust people. Both friends and just colleagues and when I always. Have trouble respecting man. Because they never really had a commanders back tonight and Randy and I did I had uncles during decorum public you know. Went around the time you lost your dad and then your mom was tentative and Beverly and so I lost my dad when I was 42. A south biggest cancer event which is a very rare cancer and a usually comes some asbestos. They were strange as well ten minute. Back in the day when a lot of asbestos was everywhere his CFO for mental hospital really actually the largest mental change in the United States wouldn't let you know charter mental allow. Yeah so he was x.s CFO. You can family ties to mention helps make that's how I ironic yeah there are actually. Stanley history and dad's side you know mental health wise not a very I've got at least two uncles and cousins. That have ADHD we've got depression and alcoholism runs in the family multiple. I can mean two cousins and uncles fault cousins and uncles that have alcoholism. Have been to rehab right don't drink anymore I think infant doesn't drink anymore. And I'd say no mental health wise I was not delta did dec. Now if you're given a good candidate and he knew as a kid now as you said you've said you've been diagnosed with general anxiety disorders we said yeah for members go out here you know what does that mean he is certainly a great bio everything Clemens onion in an interest in violet himself. Salad is is perfect where is gonna walk through this and it's how would be the unity of I'm so general anxiety disorder generally anxiety disorder and major. Depression depressive disorder depressive disorder basically clinical depression but I'm saying thing interchangeable spread. So you know some days increase and isn't to have already has her ups and downs is when it's when the mental mistakes when it takes control your life is when it becomes a mental illness yeah I get stressed. Discipline when it affects you physically and it affects your day. And it still wasn't visceral. In its aisles like that's what you get is you said earlier today even in his yard fumble that weren't true rock fish. Is worrying about nothing stupid stuff like yeah. Even as a teen. I remember my friend. Tell me a story that his dad told them what putts. Okay and he was like you know it's pine smell. That was gonna play it's not. Not that I know it smells like yeah I have no idea what. Let's send us the devil's lettuce but god. I would walk around and it gets. So my getting a contact time. My into a gigantic like those are such a rational thoughts now turn tears behalf thing down and that. Really messed with me for a long time. It at one point I. I even kind of ended my friends because they sort of my house one time in his and I couldn't deal with this am I gonna get a I actually wanted to be a cop at one time threatened and I realized I couldn't take someone else's license I needed to so fast. And it really wanna expose myself that because. He kisses to six months cops and they're throwing themselves unfortunately. Or is suffering from a thousand or depression lineup he's yeah he's anything with anybody Indian media law enforcement all that stuff is not just military people anybody right here Tuesday in right. On one thing out of how he could easily be very open about talking about your mental health. Keep it kind of helps you going through the day because you know you have up days and down is that you very open about you don't seem to push your feelings down in high in DC hobbies. See where your heart initially and again you know and I am sometimes. But you know have you on suppressing some things sure. Especially men men are the sort of our standards we are the worse than being irresponsible when I'm dealing with there and ask them to Syria from Bush's deep down. It you know eventually. If you've been to so much like my mom and heart transplant and what is it corneal my out the CDS and let things as changeable and enlarged heart. In her sweet I know a nine year old girl doesn't. And the Lily. That in a little lettuce and Syria hasn't had a pediatrician surgeon who did who did my mom's surgery mile of a heated my mom actually die. Typically people like toilet halo so like when the heartland in. Her chest cavity was completely empty coming out and headlines it but no heart. So she is technically pulse us. It's not a machine at July man machine yet but she was actually kept alive with another machine before the heart transplant called a particular assisting device. Ventricular assist in this is basically just a motor around the heart that is constricting it and pushing plethora. And she was actually technically pulse let's say that you can put a stethoscope to her and hear her also that really scared every art that we went into ever they like him. Just have a pulse like no she does have a pulse and this is how you find that you are Diem Brothers or sisters you know I'm an only child. I was actually torn the idea of my really parents tried for six years. To have children and there was some miscarriages and some more now a lot of tournaments to couple struggle honest there. And finally they had me and my mom actually is a pinky ring. And that's public debate during my dad gave it to her before he passed away rent to symbolize. You know we finally had a get together and and she. Plus one time and never heard anyone more hysterical that you like to think hearing yeah I didn't see him as a place it was an acquired by it. Every one with what would you say to men that have similar issues as you know as a deal with anxiety as the team. As their hiding at the Dolan is hard to admit that your problem tennis more and tears to people that you trust. But everyone has that one person that they can trust with just about anything here. And need to approach that person and just share your feelings I mean. It's hard. To admit tears mom you wanna kill yourself or that you thought about your self that's when you think you worthless and that there's a does that have voiced by. He's conscious constantly resorts to the thought that you worthless and they. Maybe you just give up is very hard to tell him as a person now at least initially they called they think you're weak you think that they're gonna think you're we have here they think a lot of and in this a variety things that they can think of I mean you really don't know what to expect. You're basically putting yourself out there but just have to do in any situation whether or getting an opponent for John interview going after a girl. Different awards put yourself out there you know have completed in the same thing your sickness or if not they're sticking your neck out but it's admitted to into the and it's very. Cathartic to get that off your chest and have some mistakes had his honestly race the past few. When I told my mom and me and that I had suicide ideology from us and suicide ideology for her like this before they mentioned it fantasizing about suicide but not actually going through in this tech. Like yes yes fantasizing on different people have different experiences like. Thinking about you know. Too if I how to do it on before my mom got her heart chance actually that day in my mind that are transplant. I planned to kill myself. Before it got the issue is because you thought it was gonna nine no. I was just. Part of you know I thought she was gonna die. I can't shoot each when we can do with myself. This is not worth thousands thing Illinois so I don't depress anyone. And kids. So I latency I guess those really bad if you're not from here in the stands for in Illinois bastards. I'm being entirely sure that they're almost as bad as people who don't put a license plate stickers her handlers who don't get me started don't crank my chin and asset Bruno noticed that the area I honestly didn't. It was it was a it was a dark day coming. What brought you around it back to the light to note this is not the decision to make because it's not slow. So light it dark day started like you know us. Say am I had to drive downtown and it was around it and that are writers so where are needed to be and it distracted myself where I'm threatening deal done on the way home just crashed in the meeting in the barrier make it look like an accident. Now leave a note and then I got a call from my mom said Kevin I just received a phone call from the hospital. It's finally happening. They have a heart for me. It's high risk. And that we talked about some things like job. Yeah it was very high risk I don't wanna get into that the specifics about your donor and a fact. It was actually Halloween night. And she told me not to come home and add this mom we've been waiting fourteen months for this. You're telling me not to come home. A Mozy doesn't comment box is very very understanding he told me whenever this moment happens and and go go. It's always and think about it as a bully their cinemas next camp knows like management. I'm not joking right now it's finally happening in my mom has inspired them and should be given a heart because it's very hard to get there she is a smoker and drinker. And you have to be years sober. I would imagine tonight and transplant list and obviously don't want someone to receive images trash and just try. Or just this that the people you know with what you know rightfully so her kidneys and in those maybe. So it took and did your mom struggled drinking and alcoholism as well. She wanted minute yes no definitely doing it at one point in her life. Just my free bottles to bottles of wine and eat them and smoking addiction is sometimes. But you know. She just a small casinos or chip and what's in the cigarette almost two years it's amazing. She hasn't anymore and heart still ticking just fine everything's great. She is healthy is clear. Camp they don't she did it affect where has she loves that job and that's what you guys do you find it almost serendipity is that the day you were contemplating taking your life your mom got. You got a call from her mom yeah. I thought about it really deeply in the site. Natalie get in a religion and its candidates it's kind of if that's it's a very powerful moment I would think it is and I'm not even religious and that's out of Mike. Schett maybe there's a and there's something big. And it's less pretty coincidental and I mean. When I say I planned to kill myself I'm 100%. But you know I was really thinking you know worse and I ain't. Ever have as a teenager I mean serve attendance is said before our. And thank god the doorknob didn't hold him by. This was it different this was definitely that was can make and it just wasn't feeling it. And to describe that feeling and obviously it starts. That he felt them. But now that I found help. Some medications again presence. I honestly changed meal like I didn't expect it to mean. Those kids I've taken some human case before word. And if this guy has everything in the book and ADHD so what does circle back to appoint your email he's talked about how you've had several concussions so when I suffered a concussion I went to specialty clinic. He's a big guys now we've put full bonuses are actually suffered three concussions she mean Christmas three. Flannery on all of sports. A sports who from across and one from football. And it played soccer all my life and a and it was goalies are different and had a lot. Yeah my doctor predicted at least five plus maybe six I had passions yeah that's his prediction and he's actually you know one of the few hard. 200 positions in the nation. That specialize in concussions in sports medicine. And he estimated around six brain scan done. The first time was called and it's called an artifact that shows up on someone's. MRI and CT scanners that's weird anomaly and they don't understand it. Lot of the times cancer patient until that first time so freaked out now because they wanted to the second scanned. And it turns out I have two lesions and my friend temporal public right around here and hear from sports cycling. Because sludge on drop you when your kid yeah and that's who I'm not a drop in an executive order. The hard drugs when Ellis baby but she did it does sound. You know but couldn't be anything I've actually I've joined the concussion legacy foundation basically it's a nonprofit. That studies brains beaver CT sir you were courts and honestly I couldn't tell you and I CT actually stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Concussion Canada's passion and and it well yeah. Highlights NHL Taylor. And a lot of you know professional athletes have killed themselves and then when an autopsy is done it's found there CT so there's one fact and every. NFL game or every football game includes peavy there's at least one concussion suffered. Every game plan and it did as a quarterback it does to you and your possession you could beat a defensive and yet you don't even have to have technically had had contact now. My concussion and across it relieves the serious one I address season as head to head there and no actually. I was at the midfield line. Basically the ball's rolling towards us and we can't cross that line now so I've got my stick over some and narcissistic hack and I won't turns out nineteen main. Went to hit some analysis and the kind of shoot him and my teammate and it pinning me. Not even full body contact and expect an unnamed defense and can't he can't hit me and and it just doesn't happen I don't know yeah end up basically I went full year. Horizontal with the ground and landed head first wow and then I popped right back up. And I remember looking at is that the sidelines everyone's like get down easily down can't they can't. Hall like beneficial time now. And sometime down an injured hip. And I'm confused that's that's that's what. This is Elena feels like when you get a contestant is busy see stars actually you cease artists I faded in out of touch since. Thank god that I had a coach who was also firefighter Eric Karros has a medical student. So concentrated hands. And every sermon for the months as a kid I noticed the exception is pro march may and June. The bullet but for some reason I got it spot on in backwards order while asking past. We December to January oh yeah wow us do just as hard dieters stay in you still doing now to the state. Serious I still have it unless there's nothing members and it's it's. Yet an interesting story man thinks that's a miracle story and I thank you for sharing thing. No president now somebody may relate to it that's all I wanna deal with this podcast is talk to do is. It's the man. His manner shady talking about their feelings known they really are death and I guess that it's hard right you need to find someone they can confide in and once you find that person right person and a thank god I've several. And you can talk to them about your problems and a talk to them then eventually talk to a doctor to get some help with the need to use his resources online to that are not bad. It's not tainted advice in the mental health industry it's very straightforward I think it is sitting pretty much Google depression. And you need for the most ready to say if I mean I would I would never recommend like even the doctor goes no daddy used in the for the ACL LE IV is Smart sources. Kevin. Century snapped you know thank you man for doing this to hopefully help tennis as therapeutic for you tilt. I mean you know it's a confidence. In and I like them first and maybe the fifth person I've told but you know. I've talked about it I've been pretty open Georgia to a lot of people so it's like. Thank you just witness I've you know it's pretty easy for me to talk about. I don't really mind sharing in I don't feel that you're gonna judge me elf like anyone should feel like because. It doesn't make you weak now talk about your feelings and that's the problem us. I don't actually stronger to retract return for help and get stronger to tell you excellent you are a stronger human being. And if you. The stranger especially after that it's not. Question CNN. On the publishing your brain solid and that's nice but thanks again no profit and. It's hard to tell your story sometimes you could tell it was hard for Kevin to tell his story a little bit but once you get it out there if feels so much better. Kind of like the first time you change the oil in your car you don't think you can do it to somebody else has been doing it your whole life. People would she do it yourself to your realists are freaking easy it is so much better I don't that I just impair mental health to change the oil and your car. They get it a little bit sometimes it's good to change the oil in the old brain clean it out. Writes in the coming weeks mental health Monday will be talking to a couple more about doctor friends from Rogers behavioral health about eating disorders and depression estimate when everybody wants to talk about depression. Actually everybody doesn't wanna talk about depression that's the problem that's why we're gonna talk about depression thing that we did talk about suicide in this episode if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide he needs some of the top team you don't feel like you can talk to anyone in your inner circle. He always called the national suicide prevention lifeline it's 1802738255. If you're more comfortable sending a text you can text the word hello to 741741. Of the crisis text mind. There's always somebody listening. You know at the suffer alone man for rigs off the radio this is that another mental health Monday. Enjoy the rest UK morning nights eating whatever you do and make good life decisions.