Marriage Proposal Live On The Air!!

Tuesday, December 12th

This was soooo magical! A listener called in wanting to propose to his we got her on the line! Did she say yes?! Listen and find out!!!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. We got a phone call we got to go to immediately went up three points heading to set limits Riggs an Alley we have Howard on the phone how word. In this 30 what Jersey is said to put you through because you had a request so please tell us what your question. I've learnt to have them above I I don't believe that's rigged with a Antarctic and it began when a silly joke about that. And I got euphoria my girlfriend her name at Sylvia. If you let them every single best you know and ray and the given. Hey tell our. Right now taste and so they. I'd I made sure her boss had been turned up a place. Element to it and I I I did once say that you have a lot a mile and you wake up laughing every day where it. Bit would that wonderful morning just. I want to make there you go to bed laughing at mile so I wanna know you'd be my forever. I want to marry until the end. Oh and she truly. Yes thank you write about you might remind you out how are we gonna talk is still the only. Hey not so we can call oh my god I will I would put on okay. Get your girlfriends number Allah almighty god league crown on my god oh my god just kind of proposal. On the hair. Injured Jose clear about Howard's number did Sylvia's numbers let's let's hope she said yes she's not at work signal that would be really all alone. William married Howard. Good. Morning okay. Do you know that your boyfriend how word. And said you of our show and you love what he every morning with exactly did its new and heat let me zero. He said he loves you and he said he likes that we make you happy in the morning. And he wants to make you do every night and how are you know if you have a map. Only. Oh my dad. There's still an apple and this is happening it's so weird that I nasty you to marry your your your your boyfriend but this is happening get Howard column won't. No god. Young entering turn that was the huge. Hole. Sylvia. Yeah. Now this is real not I get a call back if he wants because this is real William Howard. Oh. It. Dare we don't know in the end of the wedding. At. All. Come out and not only will become the wedding yeah rich and I are both ordained minister. You can marry you. I don't really arrogant guy we must like actually religious. Or corrupt or not robbed you I did or didn't he didn't think. Getting gauge on how much it lets see you. We're right now or. Did he had it set a bit works is that your boss knew he would have the radio on the bag and I imagine your bus dropped the ball. We've got to do much about I presume and that that I need to repeat dreary past stepped outside of its power on the phone do you have John Howard. Well. I got guy. May god I didn't do it. Yeah. We're right here a little bit easier now or later we. Howard G1 officially asked her since you're on the phone with her now what you're not just talking yeah. I got. My hard at coming out now house a yes. I didn't wanna make you happier than you rubber band and I want you better than anyone had ever be ideally you're paralyzed she. Plea I I promise you I'll do whatever it takes. And make you happy employee that ever lived through it yet that may mean bill passed. All Ritter. They're getting. Yeah. And Sylvia. And how word about getting married. I don't know why I got Howard Rivera and what he went to go to work right now would you be worth the regular. Our third armored Wright cape epic video should do something for you guys this is such a beautiful moment. Are. We you would lie key Gibbons and ivory is an an article and story. I AZT really city mr. proposal on the air. Would like to invite you Howard and Sylvia to argue music bash what else what I expected. Are. I've been here. And up. Ferry and so my got okay I didn't feel tired you hear about how. Well you bats dearly ever a proposal on the here this is amazing so how did Sylvia just got engaged on the air. Auto racing out in the morning would mean Gibbons and let me tell you some think you guys are gonna come to our New Year's Eve bash I can lead to meet you guys I cannot wait are. A hero I don't you don't like that. Alex egg right now I love you bill and Sylvia I love you more than anything. Happy a guys years. Palm. We heard me right. Okay we'll have to guard your sappy love time all day and are now yeah the irony in my aren't bad. Now I'm amen but still beyond hope to be golden line manager in Auburn New Year's Eve bash girlfriends are behind that are congratulation. And full. We don't judge me. Nobody joins all the if you ever get divorced since I. Got. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.