Mamma G Gets Gibbons Birthday Wrong

Friday, October 27th

Gibbons' birthday is today...but Mamma G thought it was YESTERDAY! Mom of the Year, yo!!!!!!!!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie realize today's his birthday yeah. After Murtha the half hour thank you guys pay you very much. How do you today's thirty something 3130 am hi all hall now yesterday. If you put stress on yesterday given got a text from his mom momma gene please read that tax for her yet what it's sad it's a little long happy birthday to your favorite that you're pretty dear my Ryan happy wherever they tell you weather and today your birthday she sentenced yesterday my birthday is today yes. Yeah he's finished yesterday and then. Happy birthday my little love Martin thirty years ago you see my lifetime but why can't your comments drunken little tape before your birth is seven yesterday this is my are today it's yes yesterday I get this text so I say we're gonna call her. Put her on the radio you out yeah it happened this is from yesterday keep you today's current day this happened yesterday. So apple because then Monday. Months. He adds you know today's date is. Eric territory. Apology today that 26 yeah the the I yeah. Yeah she. Day really since early not late so you know that that's. Thoroughly I don't. Art and modern. You know what now this goes out there with the time grandma put Gary on my thirteenth birthday card can now report stories. Forever I don't. Yeah I always indeed is read the text that we went we have to call you right now. Anonymous. Users to finding our what I've read the Internet that elect. I didn't see that you probably do well against it are now he's a holiday. That's. Hey hi. You look up a good gift let's double it oh my god that does have a sense in my little my little get a good or bad as. Now I need to do to get him out a mission did you make a bundle it is yeah. When you are the middle of the day is fun because it's true. Yeah. Ali you are so small. Oh not just. And drink announces. Sager gets smooth and guy who lived here. For mom a GO Leo is luck to you. I figured I believe in god you EG let me talk to Edmonton. I know your mental and have no idea. How big herb I'm. That was yesterday it's been given his mom cult you know as the guys for her to thank my television citizenship had everything going. I'm gonna literally sent me how she sang the happy birthday sung to me in text form I did before my birthday. On merit and we'll volatile issue happy birthday today because today is your birthday and I downturn but on the hook you have a look. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.