Longest Sex Dry Spell

Friday, February 17th

Everyone hits a dry spell in the romance department some time. What was YOUR longest dry spell in the sack?!


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It makes finale rewind. We think the longest is unknown and the do you go on without you know you know getting some. Portland 47991037. To a friend. We'll call her aides say so yeah tough tough talk about it unless you obviously thought Alley asks. That's more it's more fit right color Alley after yak hair is gone on a good two years with a dry spell for two years Sri. Is impressive sing to me this facility going along but I'm wondering if there's anybody out there that can top distract. Maybe telling that was assumed way longer. Important to me it doesn't count if you're still emergency. He can't call and say I'm thirty. Every two years while there is vying for. I may do very well now. It's a name being absent from not having experience that doesn't count but that was standings was the longest dry spell somebody's head. 4147991037. Size whatever and it was going to be able to top two years for I don't think that we can top our friend Allison. I mean what is to be able to. But he can't you know somebody that has please we need to talk to you I'm one of three point seven kiss FM your dry spell. It's been so we'll hawking. Good morning me and Milwaukee from the longest sexual dress though you have is how long. So it's very important market for our interpret marches 2000 seven's though. Moon in ten years ten years are anxious. Had he knew a denim prior to next. No I don't before her through word from the fireworks where commuter. Now is this a choice if you make your latest Kevin yemen's Al the right person just haven't made the connection so far. It's a choice like I just don't wanna do this and home. Right in the end of a mayor promised. My girlfriend and got to. Let's go. Fantastic. Diesel have time for yourself though. Her curtains. Are. Yeah I'm marriages it's fine yeah they sure can't really appreciate you listen this morning good morning Jan in Sheboygan. And Jen your sex dressed now and always have ten years. I know it's only been three years a warmup. Three years of four months but who's counting. Three years for must when he treaty sixteen hours I that's what started the in the beginning and addressed I was at a break that was it and employers was just a bad this relationship that went sour what happened. It liberate gab and a correction may and I didn't. Haven't brought myself. Do you cook until now they're yeah yeah. See you know you messed up right. You aren't you the best person for you right Jan. Oh. Stuff like that but I like that they are calling we appreciate you listen this morning Janet. Yeah it's 103 point seven kiss FM yearlong sexual dressed Ellis how long now. I had here at my house at six with your husband as well as he gives you get at kids. Now know how long distance. There needs to what happened six is. Right are you still married. Her. And allow us. Married two years been together seven but no sex for six of those seven years. What happens when your wedding night. No. Wow what. Yeah anyone like there's very few calls of and it didn't consummate a marriage that night's. Arrow and I almost. Think my well actor. Rick tell you would call you a Cohen. Like it or exist. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss a damn dot com.