Leave It Off The Table PLEASE!

Wednesday, November 22nd

Maybe it's a specific dish. Maybe a certain topic of conversation. What is something you hope your family will leave off the table over Thanksgiving?


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This is a Sally rewind one of three point seven kiss FM traced an Alley what are some of the things can be left off the table at Thanksgiving this year. You always want them brought to the table that he could be a food item something that you don't wanna eat. Or it could be a topic of conversation. Save politics or maybe you don't want them asking again. Are you going to have kids when he going to have children. We're not Tokai we've been married for six years if we're not gonna have a kid we had this conversation every single year at the table we're not gonna have it we're not having this conversation leave it off the table. What would it be 7991037. Or can his opposite taxed. At seven model 37 given if you're going home for Thanksgiving. Throwing you want to be off the table. For the love of god and off the table I don't wanna hear about any of your ailments she bit off the table I don't hear about your stomach issues. I don't wanna hear about the Dallas I don't hear about your hip replacement surgery believe your ailment talk. Off the table please you needed ointment for your goal later. Gusting words back to that clearly are off the table and what are. Things I'm sorry he wants to create a couple levels off the table this Thanksgiving seven and putted a little 37 or Texas 71 at 37. When we get to Texas I don't wanna hear how I'm the only one on that side of the family's history to get a divorce. Pulling that off the table place three another one that I kind of disagree with that I wish they were Collins and argue with him about it. Planes sweet potatoes are fine don't put marshmallows on the and ruin it. Ruinous. Price lies is now early ruling is just enhancing in London that's like saying leave frosting off of my donuts. And another one that was short simple and very to the point to leave them off the kit and leave it up to Thanksgiving table my brother in law. Let's look at the which if you on the table I think that's kind of weird anyway he shouldn't be standing on the table at Thanksgiving game he wished which brings a lot of questions is he on the table because he's drunk all the time. We'll see maybe had issues that you don't wanna talk about I don't know is he knocked electric minorities and drowning greedy that's also vague with a 7137 text message. Who got the phones could morning kiss FM business. Would you want to be left off the table at Thanksgiving. I'll let my boyfriend and I have been together for overt experience and well keep asking her to land are going to be very. And it annoys me. Think you really need to be married right now do you. Now all know we don't. They bang every daily they'll wake up at 650 meg go to bed at like 9 o'clock every day. You like failure practically an old married couple already if you. Don't need to be worried that it did you notice as you get married in the next conversation when he can. Have some baby. Song than a minute rain clan may be afraid I don't want that known. I don't want. To leave the table. Thanks Chicago K a great Thanksgiving and it you know I read it morning what's what you left off the table for Thanksgiving. Cry or I'll see. It's a lot of people apart isn't it. We have direct public and on one side and that doesn't act are more likely that optic cable. Sean did to this lumber that can be said I until our company one of the first things under the gaze from Yemen very divided politically dead politically divided family. Yeah I guess what is it. And parent an agent starters. Played how our. Financial like a little. Optical that there action on an old nag. What thankful for. Yes Stearns. Plessy should also make it a drinking and if anybody brings up politics than to chug a beer or some other drink per and that brings it up the most ends up passed out drunk. Mark are saying simply don't nearly two to demo check time episode about that the act Irena great Thanksgiving thanks for Colin. And it's Kyra as you leave the politics off the table blogs actually get on the Texas 71037. And nobody's is on the air raids and I'm just gonna say it dad I don't wanna hear about my father's new penile implants is a couple all of us your thoughts. And she got off the table that put away and then I'm glad they're healthy now the Wheeling hear about it just dad's healthy that's Ollie needed now completely about the table please. Josef semi. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.