Junk in your Trunk

Thursday, March 3rd


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You know rattling around the back here trucks must have a parent should put a Cessna here cock would Alter point seven kiss FM rigs Alley in the judge at 636. The random junk to you found in your trunk what is it Angela in Milwaukee. And. I'm actually rented vehicle in the war compromise honeymoon. And then apparently to follow worn out brawl from underneath my card creates. And I glitter on empty gun Casey and and art and a party you have yeah away. Yeah and I went back the actual car rental place and actually called up about ten million yeah there are no big deal thought. They've BG dobbs there was ammunition and alcohol in my car do you share in the company L latter about Pat Perez and stop this especially that they minimize it like that and have Florida written all over yesterday and Angela thanks. I would like in my guess I'm old are rare and they're gonna wrap deeper alcohol and guarantees and. Hard as is Florida fifth. Thanks Angela Florida mosquito good morning to random junkie signing your trucks. Well in my glove but I have found a bottle of tiger putt but I hacked top government surgery before and why I locked in a mansion thank god they like and let. My medication masquerades. The sixers hosted dispose of that somewhere. Officials lay out pharmacy not at a darling throw out Barton struck it was totally commissioners. She's she's just this is similar delays too good to delay. Good morning kiss FM the random junk you found in your trunk his wife this. I found all ethnic I don't strength parent and my chart looks. Right here Eric Sapp. Let's make how healing begin at McDonald's frying pan just steal it from march it. I I went out of brandy who rented recently been fired from McDonald's it's just. Sits. Yeah yeah how real we weren't very important from drinking and at catchy story. I had a crap I calmed me the next morning that he's I'm glad I said no he needed me bring my. Card that we face and then when he opened the trunk or they had. A fifth or stolen or the your hat. You're covers a crime scene you get that right now the crime scene there aren't allowed to protect it.