Judge - UNlucky Charms

Monday, March 14th


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Rigs these. Have you guys I ever have the event and the event was alarmingly. Holy now the time beyond him. This I was did the same patty's day parade would DJG. Or not you guys write and call time was were supposed to be there at eleven. And the great news at noon I had noon. Bragging we remember nine U one cheese. All the women back in line really anywhere in the Bagram as a zillion Internet and so say you know what time do we crossed the line to be start to start the parade puts everything. No 1 o'clock crowd. Team room. To touch 140 she always. And it is sure he's busy in the beginning part of the trades started probably at noon but it was is going slow. Really maybe it's a flag warnings about exactly how to get yeah. Yeah hold on its debut at number 91 and they didn't start till one they didn't cross the star in mind. The rate would have been like. Two and a half hours and am sorry there are no way to bravest two and a half outlook for two hours. As freely as extremists who hours layered than these people awaiting us average two hours out of seven mile parade I don't. Don't know what happened before us but we were just like okay it was gone on to. Nancy is I say Padgett everybody was drunk he had it was theater and see already that greatly. Yeah it was like a nerd convention down there zone because there's like you would just whose lay down no electoral ordering ar or something I don't know movie were just that Melanie looking elf ears instead of that with the sales goal of China where he's there or liver transplant. In my he shut. Is there left cons are really a weird I was talking about of course they are new you're gonna think and analyze and read about select is yeah I'm proud of Manhattan. Did you. Love a said the bogs down in them booking big guy was of the sixties cloudy you're tied for next year to say announced a pair that for you. Sounds good jurors next. Yes it's a Saturday.