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Friday, September 14th


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A LEY. JCMR the first timer until the last issue lessing her kids suffer to a Milwaukee this Friday at the past theater the morning NATO and our wonderful a legislation on the phone with us I just watched unit Netflix special battling. And Big Ten. So you're the winner of last comic standing in 2008. Costs time and that it all has spiraled from there. The Arab viral load but rather a long that was. A dog and my work picked up with you guys in Milwaukee. In a few weeks. That's a pretty big guy he bendable locket before. Yes I actually play the top Vieira why aren't a lot and one. Then there arterial. I'm. A just cell by yourself Alley out. Do you get to pick somebody to come on lake and a warm up the crowd for you that somebody that's less funny. Every vibrant. It out in LA. But towards the got sick in her long ago it aren't breached like out. Okay and ice age are you going to implement. You'd be doing is more political he already shed a stairway if Mac has aesthetically shed. Whoever like there are set up a career like ability as a once I got a room. Just like square. Now that it's a political. And during its app for my hour in the news. Not social. But that are personal but when local progressives. You very girl power which is a lot like Allie loved that. Oh not. Where is the critical policy not a bright girl or is he thought temporary. Girl girl pro. Running a bit women not being a yeah. So you run. I'm Cha is what you're getting access. You can image get a jump into a grab their children. It's that this. It's well out with a Ford senior show it is coming over the past you keep up the big tour here in Milwaukee and we're excited heavy in town like socializing their. And a report. Yes thank you very much for coming on the show this morning we appreciation. Are. Have a great day I. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.