ICYMI - Calling Out My Birth Father

Monday, May 21st

My birth father has been in and out of my life for 35 years.  He was coming to Milwaukee to visit another one of his kids and wanted to see me while he was in town...I wasn't having it...this is what happened.  Follow up posted next with my wife.  I think she found out exactly why this was SO cathartic for me.  That's in the next podcast...

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This is a and Ellie rewind Israeli and acquired at Rick's would comment sperm donor found. Last week she got married he's he's coming up here to visit his one of his kids he has several kids who are my half Brothers we did. Even know Riggs had a brother in Milwaukee you know we give out half brother lives in Milwaukee and his graduate. I guess this coming weekend from the medical college was apparently your father to tell you had a brother in Milwaukee right denies a cease DC you know. Donated to spur records if not literally could show. Hey call my office. And he called the upright guy dial he called the offense yeah. And left to avoid. Number regarding Canada's number so easily she Facebook's own. Yes and he called the office of demands. The answer is there's even town and even told them don't call him no he now team I'm just. Here. Hello. This done. It. Dario the standard has embarrassed on government aimed at length about war I we were we're live on the air my radio shows that okay yes announce. All right actually. Well hang of science. It's so you have been hit me up on the face looked. I guess you're coming appeared in my is that out yes I am and you're coming up here to visit somebody is not me wanna see me while my dearest. While you're like perhaps so we rigs that no he had a brother in Milwaukee Seattle weeks ago that's a worst fascinated by. Well that's kind of a long story but I doubt he'd been out there in medical school and I actually talked to about it and looking up Q and he's a pepper on the radio so else is I would have been looked in Korea. Okay. The way I was never that whether never crush mind you descend like hey by the way the and a half brother listen I don't want to. Well it's it's not that it hasn't I thought I actually done that before I know I told medication hey you know he's yeah I've heard on the radio I'm like well. Okay well widely. Amateur try to connect them. He heard medical. All dizzy and other Brothers an area that we don't know about. And trapped up in well not in the area hit one. This down at Vanderbilt University he's in medical school as well it's an MD Ph.D. program. And and our ownership or cup. Years and no others and Wisconsin mouse. Just that one just one brother. This well but no actually Jonathan is up there he. He lived so a little bit further. It was on its west. West OK then you spent time in Sheboygan selves. That's probably when Matt Perrier and that's why that happened all right. Here's the thing I don't know if I wanna see you when you come to town. I just dump does that feel like you did and you've bounced in and out of my life so much it is just since it hurts me a lot when he come in like this. And this is so I guess feel like you're going to see somebody else and you're just seeing me out of convenience so I youth wanted to tell you that. That's how I feel and that's that's I've felt for a 35 years in my life to meet you down soon announce and it's. You don't think about how how makes me feel I don't feel like you've never you put my feelings and into perspective you're always. It'd hurt it hurts me alive says somebody and it's your son so I tried I don't I'm sorry. I'm not sorry but I am I'm not I don't know if this is awkward. It is awkward some. Well I tell and that's how I feel and it's not my fault that figure that you're the reason that it's upwards does that make sense. Well I am community. Well I'd be really happy to talk which you're not on the radio about some of us but it. I don't wanna talk tonight around you know we've had that we've had 35 viewers who says so long. Analysis it's at this I'm not mad that you. And that upset with duke I just don't really have a feeling to wanna move forward in any sort of relationship now in warm because it is it's it's it's too far gone to me. Economists. Our map the Telus deal. But I wanted to do you want my platform is glare. This is where I'm comfortable talking the most is on the radio and on storm Alex is now so this is where. I'm comfortable putting my life now on this is what I wanted to do I just I just sad that he had these Brothers you don't even know about an item you need as it seemed to really think ET. It's like. I I just can't imagine not telling the kids they have siblings. The same well I guess you're well I guess should clarify you know. Years ago when I actually came up players station up there and I talked about her brother's back. Danny had one and I think you brought Jonathan appear to visit me is like seven years ago in London I think she was upstairs or for. All right all right while it's just. In no I mean you know now my life. What I do that I help. Well the people of all ages who are. Strewn with mental illness and. Lenny is something into something positive that's gaffe. And Eric an even if you are doing positive things and that's dead and am happy you are so I'd I wish nothing but the best for you do and am looking forward to his mental health. As they do with me to its international as well so. I do give him credit for that which is nice zone path. Well slackers that I mean I. I can't fix at all overnight and. Now I don't expected till I kind of expected to and I don't want you to you don't have to six anything's there's nothing to fix. There isn't. Well not and I'm not asking for that but I mean since we're on your platform and you know obviously reach a lot of people just want to reach out all those who are. In relationships. Which. And this is for kids or for adults and young adults who. Are struggling with relationships where their parents send you know they had and I note for a long time but say. And I'm not purity given. Shouldn't talk about this southern say you know things have happened and when things happen at different times such as when you were very young. And when do you make choices to help your kids. And it and then. Things go a different direction and then there's. So he's explaining why you weren't in Greg's life is that all we're talking about right now because it's so hard hard to try and around the bush. You haven't been around since he was right to so much I things happened lol these are how old so. I don't know what it is I. It's 33 years ago do you like what happened in 33 years like that's crazy gadgets he's got Tim sorry it wasn't there for you and I sock yeah. Really try to look at lunch you're trying to say that there is other Tyler in my situation and they should reach out for help us they need it's. Understand we chemical and now I'm I'm talking about it and talking about me it's. Yeah. And I am sorry and I apologize. Completely for that and I. Yeah I I I should move you know back in the day when I said yes she could be adopted and I. I did that for reasons that you know your your mother had. I know and obviously more convenient. And you may in the human and very easy and that was a very easy transition to thank you for new and that. Estimated demand that not luckily he had a very good father that raised and it had John stepped in and took them so it's a bit Todd Graham wasn't so everything worked out as it hasn't needed to. Thank you for answering this morning yes appreciate everything in the call is really a pardon Vioxx now there's like no they opera that one of the that wanted to go to. And the abandonment issues that kids have when they do that even if you sign off for someone else to object lesson in who has a pretty good team and your money amazing Jeffrey yet as to what I'm doing some. Yeah well you're doing very well and I'm I'm very proud you're doing well and I. Conchita will be introduced servant. You know do the servers you do itself have a lot of funnel. Or edit your body can't be too proud because you didn't raise them. Just saying we're sorry it's the truth. I don't know what are sick I had never gambit in your life let's be proud of well he's watched me on FaceBook I'm sure you see me. Through them the social media platforms. And I whole thing coming up this morning so awkward thank you. Art. Evidently. Had a trip. And now he's maps and for the house. A strategy that if you are at the Byron telling Donald can thank you to do yeah I appreciate it and leave it for Latin Pamela for biding your time and I. I was pretty tight I think I. Dell can tell I knowing you were thank you for holding Amanda I was so proud that you that was so awkward but doesn't mean he has artist what I was rates has. Iowa yeah I mean I'll ask for the truth and I might have to. Oh. Of course it took their daughter stumbling people good morning to say I'm gonna. Hello and every stressed out several current era and. And like gone because. Do I know exactly how it situation and Arab. Her 31 years as its express what my bats gone bad and that's not easy. To. You really like you have a armed. A lot of merit like that are from street to be able to you is that it's and then. On the radio on the radio ad dilate that's amazing. Love blasted. Lurch. But nothing did any of his excuse his makes sense to you never did I knew him. You know I was doing that to a bears and many wanna make of it but even though I did I don't care who Chara doing it out of that I'm an angry planes it was to live up like maybe it wasn't out of anger replace some little that. Where I have a little debt could be a clash is wary and since I'm Sarah I Wear yet. Elliott went out and really get quite glad that he had you know. Right there mom. I was scared. Say some of those things this is not my situation and I ranked one and raises my friends item on our foreign T yeah. I am but I took everything had to like that guy abstinent. And if you have many older brother calling and they look on that. Current situation I give you Matt crap yeah. Thank you thank you thank you for Carlin what the Texas say 7137 givens said it was ten years of therapy in five minutes of break. I saw that. Just sitting and I just called my birth father from the 35 years ago and thirty sirens randomly on the air Brennan claims calling not randomly he is it reaching out for the last couple weeks trending to see he wants to see need but he did know you're gonna calm on the air now he did not but I was a fourth time I was still. That's eyes that it was an agreement in my world. Put him on the radio hey good morning Antonia who is this dirt and Tony what do you have to set out to Antonio Maria. Kline yes that's right into the crowd Barack. I hear that are out there I really don't know where he says anything about them. I think I haven't stopped bothering you were like also like thirteen unlikely to thirteen yeah and then disappeared for like Claudia. Yeah I have recently the United States but also on nothing but added. It's break. Yep you like how I'm feeling like how can Latin feel and or there wasn't anything there at this point I. You know and act like I don't know I don't know what you offer to get the car and garbage like I don't know if you ever get that would mean the flu alert. I had to turn a nice things by -- back in that way sure. As a human mind that you're seeing what it's like. Okay it went is that Stanley Park can't get out and just be there when I called order. These are all nice friends or worry Indy Lanny helped ignite some thing I. They think taster Colin Antonio RR RR thank you appreciate Colin good morning kiss FM possess. This is Stephanie knew he. I'll read this situation. Scripture is that kind of a privileged situation where she. Re connected with her dad yeah and it's kind of the opposite spectrum she's actually doing really well with that she is. He reached out her when she was like 1516. And it did not work out and now she's hundred thirties and. I vomit actually like last year and they've been getting together and she actually did really well what can I just yeah opposite side of the spectrum. Oh the MI verify he's he's he's come in and out so many times over the last 35 years he'll pop in and then hey we need to. He did you make things work sophomore and made enough errors and that's. States I'm battling trying to more parity haven't now are I don't know I'm. I had an idea at a are embraced big sisters she spent little let her bad eagle putt. It was a kind of night that you know now I feel like out of it I'm not a cutter like she's got to act yeah well it's actually worked out for her. Now Kyle thank you to call I appreciate listen when you teach you what I said he should be proud as he did ratio because that's. We get to text saying I was too bitchy when I told him he can't be proud of you conceded ratio. Not a big urinating blood but I don't feel well out of it what you like you do well work let you do when you are well I think there's a difference between being proud. Doesn't think he's proud of sense that he has turned into something and made something from assays are now. I don't think he was tired trying to think you've felt like he was trying to take credit for raising me I dad meant that's we learning route. I just put you mean you are pissed me off slow and can't thank you for your friend does this. The whole grade they're in debt and yes I'm the opposite gender. And irate like yeah. And when that air I would read worst yeah. They handed me the though is last year olds yep I've been trying to retell their ears. Kirk and they will I deal well and I have to credit but I've never been that great daughter is this so let me meet them. Why did that happen you think that something happened was there of a moment said to lend to them leading. Was it to divorce and it within an OK with the course. Get rid that would part of their tanks each other overt or worse. I became an alcoholic. Okay he got help you you were covering your back you better now I'm better insurance. You know it. Swipe. Trying to redirect your kid and we just slap in the face yeah. Now understand Walden at what would you say to her rigs as she really wants relationship let them well. Police say keep out every day. I hear what employees here consistent with Anthony Allen says his city is consistency is the key to is the thing with my birth father was he was so inconsistent in my whole life coming. If you really wanna be with your kids Hebrew wanna talk to them shall the Manning don't stop don't stop giving up that your kids. So they Sheehan ads. They're gonna see my mama's gonna give up because you cannot forget that you change and your clean because I. Yes sorry addiction kills families it kills relationships like I that's oxy behavior clean now are you that's how that's fantastic but you know I have a cousin who grew up with a dad that was an alcoholic and issue is a lot of issues from it and the you know there were there or birthdays she can get a car. There were all kinds of things at me and I understand how hard it is to have a parent is an alcoholic to death so. I said I mean I wish I didn't hurt other word uttered that repair. What you what you care most all of its second TD keyboard super add. That may theories and all that new downturn even more probably Aaron I NN I get that Yahoo! pledges keep showing them that your cleans and usually I can't keep Chile are going to keep showing up it's always been I don't see it keeps showing up. I don't even know who lives. Rants. While I'm sorry you have to go through that. In really deep Monday morning as they're Monday Friday's first race calls her father on the air what was your name again. And we appreciate me and is there any doubt about Yankee gonna keep keep that and any. To stay consistent yes that's the thing is he does every assistant. And listening since he's a key if you wanna get back at someone's why am I doubt that's kind they'll thank you for all the calls I really appreciate the support. Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.