Hell To The NAWH - Wild Work Worries

Friday, February 23rd

Whether you were early to work, late to work, or showed up when you didn't have to, you probably only had one thought: HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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This is a week's finale re wine country point seven kiss FM it's rigged an Alley it's when you're trying to open a bottle of wine and you slide your finger open on the bottle opener oh yeah. I have a nice. Leading and that we played Lego bricks your leaving only everywhere rally amateur or large gender nor welcome to be a woman hot hot hot hot I. A lot of bad for your right now I broke one nail last night -- could -- things get broken LS then he broke a male and cut his finger up we're held to the now we're getting in from right here on the knuckles waiting to hear the entertainer and for the dapper primaries or celebrity bar tending and Riggs was pleading your extreme barred any and obviously a leader exhibited no I don't know resellers alike it was beer and lines went open bottles lined his Alley but you know every. Anyway it white egg. And heroin are hired these you know little model selective cutting myself I was like I can't help to deny the and I were them I'd say yeah you want better than that you're what clothes line. We have an automatic one were literally put over the top and goes. Work you do it right when I forgot to ask them. Solution white folks on the yeah yeah yeah. Did you iPhone so yes of the ladies and held and knows 7991037. Or you can text us 71037. They helps the no look this thing all right. Who was so embarrassed yeah I wanna go there at the circus and Ira. Crawford and her kids so it's a new email somebody from the office and you're looking for circus tickets so you can email you say circus tickets I'm looking for circus tickets for tonight. The personal response I don't know what you're talking about and it's at that point you realize you didn't say circus in the email you said zoo in the email. I have no I don't know where my head where. You know does your tickets for businesses are opening of the zoo seemed as finality. To pop pop pop. What I told him he's clearly a bad new parent because he wants to take a little small children out of 7 PM at night. You just had gad yeah. Yeah yeah do you have your toll is currently Cabrera threw a liar given I want to go grocery shopping with kids. I'm. Actually yes I don't ask don't like yours everything. True he has used stereo re heavily used in the morning which your health is anomaly. All that happy and pet is the adult thing get my tactic got you a button I gotta get my packet that they tracked never 300. You know images that German union rights and whatnot. The file taxes mean the government said you piece of paper that says how much you all they know how much money paid when I went to tell them how much mab highlighting the script I mean when I. How much time are you asking me to reaffirm it. Adding additional amount of form and read and hear it slip. Org and I cut out I'm like are you you. To mine on lying like I don't know if that's like I. I just literally go to H&R block and I do everything and like an hour nine and it cost less than sixty dollars usually taxes and no you don't need to go wow I'm gonna get beat up saying you don't need someone anymore you need to go to a lot less than analysts. I haven't heard we're back that was a. Oh he argued resigned so there and it's a life when it's a little win. I. That's got to have to resign under our top updates on Amylin ambulance we had Texas 71 of threesome allegedly got a total with some drama RS when you wake up to find out your neighbor backed in your new car and then took off horses. Runs he's getting it running. It's something say something it's usually denotes no they can't take to think they're running got there they did some that are wrong I'm sorry I didn't actually don't know you're. Accidents we call that nobody to maximize their in trouble and I don't have a life and whether you're real you're strong just doesn't work issues and you're supposed to be at work at seven you wake up at 658 calling us. That was definitely in the 76. And think how you clear my. Yeah. I was like I'm David I'm asleep in bed and united what's going on right now on the regular mark here's my Manassas. And I'm like no I mean I literally wake up. I'm very funny like an armor and so. Andrew in Watertown which are held in the now. Andrew. Aura. Andrea does is only getting injured many Andrea unsure name girlfriends. It. Yeah you're on the on the air on the on the air girlfriend what's your name Andrea. There are no idea what is your help to the now Andrea. Second Obama said he thought I mean unless Texas 71 of 37 Gibbons could. And I Revis got an ally the way you'd get well and there's so much work drum on the text line when you get called in for overtime then drive 45 minutes to work you get there and you realize they called the wrong person up come on. Odd timing and to have. Yeah yeah come on. Hey guy how to you know get some image is Elton and I can always text it to a 71037. We do it every morning around 745. Rigs and Alley Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.