Hell To The NAWH - UNhappy Meal

Wednesday, October 18th

It's that moment when you get your kid a Happy Meal and they complain that the toy that came with it doesn't have WiFi! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!


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Makes an Alley re wines. Good morning around this time we do health is now 7991037. With Texas to a 71037. To something happening to say Helton announced. Well the Chinese apple put the save you wanna go down for a nice guy dad yesterday right it's not about a friend you don't have to ask you just for a friend the friend of mine's may have happened if you get everything ready to go your wife college just before you ready to jump and says. The batteries dead and her car oh. Powell no matter what are your car to my car now. I'm driving my wife's car she's driving my car than the the into the battery in my car now dies we have to Jiang cars right now she shakes your car so why did little snippet so my cars. An air power on the battery died in my car and you have. Yeah. Roger and it's got a brand new battery in my car down. You don't I died Egyptian site on our list now there's just old batteries just. More problems like yeah right that's cars and Jose sharks and their Ford escapes us I. It might damage contract with four down here as. Fortified and hanging out in 2010 Ford Escape on now and designer. 7172 text or call a given Ian Helton announced. Yeah it's when you decider has put yourself right you make a steak dinner. With mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables and when you sit down here you're watching the NBA you're so excited and a guy from the Celtics have the worst injury. Birds I'll tell you if I. It's gonna wind done gone. Really. I was I'm gonna go watch that video that I breaking his leg last night at the Celtics came by yes I of course I and I want to throw up and I don't know if I've ever seen a break like that on TV I. I didn't people break their legs it's up as amazing corner flag is. Don't watch yet the majority charm Dyson let it literally turned around and get it. I didn't business I'd seen him before like football and guys like Dan so I think I have a cell what's his name. Hayward he was literally going to shoot a rap music gonna tell does lag John tell them on the same day to Dwyane Wade got to meet hitters ever without. Are you from both teams are just like shell shock them right. It is just yeah is that one of those freak accidents Manson active. Kind of what happiness and see what's your Helton and 07991037. Or Texas 7137. What are we got a text Stephenson yeah when your alarm goes up when you think to yourself well at least it's Friday. And then you realize it's only Wednesday. Alert. Every morning I'd. Seven and I'm one of 37 what is your health of the now. Yeah. Breaking out. And I'll always come. But not the mourning his death that was your delta canal. I I don't know his. Yeah they might battered I don't birthday she wanted to see Pete best buy back and pick lineup add it all and never not want to market our C comedy that. Tomorrow he was just sauce that six million dollar and thought. That's that's Lira has really weird Luna did you within an it was in the Boxee couldn't see it. No I got to keep us from America either make what the other one I'm Catholic. CDC and Bob Bob Murray 300 CEO. Books. And there's not one mark both you and I can't dominate that all. Looks you can read it right what you all cleared the path you got him. And Erica oh yeah. Oh. Whoops he Steve was Steve Fossett Steve's cheese let's Steve thanks for Colin good morning to set that would your Helton announced. My health and now and last week I got my daughter happy meal. Hewitt at the font that he met her happy diablo school eight days copilot why I'd. Millennial complain oh yeah. Even denied mom. Yeah he would he'd try hitting the button on the front goes I don't regret it gives kids got a. How Smart guy shot Colin held to the no bid again tomorrow same time 7991037. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.