Hell To The NAWH - Turn On The Lights

Monday, January 22nd

Will people EVER learn to turn on their headlights when driving in the rain?! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!!!!!!!


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So now they re wines. One of three point seven kiss FM it's great finale if you go right now to try to vote for accused maybe it'll say hell yeah. But it doesn't start till live home. Since her mom having heart attacks. And it's okay not to immune girlfriend OK take a deep breath she. Aren't stimulus and health of the November to share with the class. Yeah I had an an all gal. During your driving in the work out and it's raining and it's pouring in as they all star yes he has and you almost rear end a Mac truck in front of you because there are lights are all of their trailers black. Thriller with no load unless it was just the trailer and a trailer was pitch black and there were no lights on the trailer I did little mister and critics yourself yeah. My son is the law seriously you know why why it is by far the worst of them all I know the worst time out of all of us. Derek was stunned is Saturday morning digging my kids DePaul patrol live downtown after all Albany there was a Diet Coke and Ryan should have no caffeine in the morning. So I fly past mcdonalds is attended one lion like it's okay I'll run into speedway and I will get a soda from. Why were the speedway highway 100 in Greenfield it may go. Hard soda machines out of. In order I don't wanna Pollard can't I need any Eagles to CO2 and I. I mean he's an attorney gets. Come receiving. Mother deported six year old went deer hunt yeah what are your way to hold join NATO I well yeah. I don't I'm Jordan like fourteen dollars and even Diaz mugs recent double. I think that Palin and and cotton candy for two kids six. I got very happy they're gonna do nothing left yeah well yeah. Space again here is so hard with the who's I don't like getting to scare an amazing crazy and I. I held to the knows 7991037. Or eight in Texas 71037. Both saw a friend in the fight on Saturday night. Dallas sanctioned fight hook up and all of the fight was over in ninety seconds. But one of the UFC fights would have likely changed you and your fighting championships ahead there was this friend. And they got it they did it yeah well the guys to train with the so whack they're out of the whack he don't train with him in Borbon is now is a fighter. In need of fights off and the Baghdad on down to the ground and we just beaten them senselessly and assists. Sent to jail technical and very got a bass kicked out. He looks fine now it was his like he couldn't change his positions I was like not really ninety seconds and they waited -- have to that's. Up up up up up up up up to authorities right dopey like he appetite to seven I'm one of 37 we attacks though it's 7137. Yeah. Just had given you wanna read them because I get greeted actually hear reports of a similar up high against you how. Baker's square my box says apple and you take a giant bright and it's he's. Unknown now what a Baker's square mile and a hell I'm doing. Right I get deeper with David Baker's square they say free tie Wednesday's it's free slice of pie when they need to modify that signed the app is Elena freehold idea and I. You lead a steal here right let us a bigger square for lunch 7991 of 37 Yeltsin announced. Well everything relates to cool off I am a couple days ago she. And you know others hurt feelings picker Shankar as a land he had you know. Or almost tiger Lionel. Yeah well. Clearly is that the woman and the Trier. Then had a sticker on the back Rikaart that elect a woman and literally shot and catch this. How well. It right now. Grew tired I. John l.'s of that now that's funny now you are this she advertise the fact that she is a crazy cat lady anything over three cancer crazy Gloria. And Jared thanks Don. In the Texas 7137. We do we have some about monster jam this weekend all like I said sixty dollars a pop cultural libel somebody sat back could help don't go to monster jam you by idol seats to find out the exit next he was closed an eagle preach what doctor cotton candy. A cheeseburger ticket back to the couple. Dollars. Plus another reason I don't want kids abused by her life my final thought how Greg forget that ultimately is Diane. When I'm downtown on Saturday morning and I'm stuck behind all these damn moms and their minivans and their big some brands and they can't figure out there damn parking ticket and. Flashy enough critical behind and. Kids and up up up up up suburban out of the way out of the notice. Riggs and Elliott Briggs and Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won 37 kiss a Dem dot com.