Hell To The NAWH - Traffic Sucks

Wednesday, November 1st

It's that moment when you realize you're going to be late because there are accidents everywhere clogging the highway. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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Makes an Alley rewind what's your health in the know are you stuck in that mess and 43 right now consists of the national avenue northbound them. Hourlong trip now from the important. It's normally seven minutes sale now 43 north bound by national stale or cellphone as well Tony even get on. And I'm not a model 37 Oregon Texas 71037. Jenna held to the no given yes. It's when you're walking around in your hot dog costume and Halloween would you share should really see well it's just you accidentally run over three children while walking. Martina in the area and again. No hey we were assaulted by a hot dog treats and and yeah. They hit a Wiener are you stupid to parents I couldn't see the two kids below the parents I ran literally walked right in my thoughts about running. And I don't know I don't know I don't know 79 I'm one of 37 loss at Texas to seven model 37 what's it helps you know from the test. So when you get a pay your rate changed that quote makes you more money and ends up actually making you less money. What and when you wake up the day before you're supposed to figure indecent photos they are raging head cold all. I had 9107. Yemen Helton announced. I named my dog who never retrieved anything or treatment done. Not bouncy ball and ate it and we had to get them crack that in make them up. We'll get a little bouncy ball yeah who yanks he can just let that pass through. It was a two day. And not let anyone into. And I don't need an all the time I just don't want them. It'll work itself. Let's discuss and place your call on our own health and nailed it again tomorrow same time. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.