Hell To The NAWH - The Traffic Flu

Friday, January 12th

It's when you're stuck in traffic and the flu that's taken over the country hits you really hard in the tummy. HELL TO THE NAWH!


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And only rely. In case you missed it the first time it's a one other budget seven accused FM. And if Clint Leo Italian and what I got little makes him worth a lot to. I don't know you why you. Held so the no no way given says he's going to be dry. Until next Friday when he could see a good signal that an army the last thing any doctor can remember. Yeah I went okay area. Yeah. Objects now it's always had why I did say fun I said. Closer Friday health and Elena say in my favor rulings in them honey barbecue there's only two left and tallying given state the last two. Honey barbecue at the bats on given I. Ambassador to do with that those theories say that I don't like those are my favorite you really can't dividends and the last one I was I. Obama. Right wing higher rates put on order 1234 like Hillary liked him I don't remember you put it honey barbecue firstly I know okay. Now defused in range imaging unit order you'd see I hear you in my defense you change it like three times twice no no three times twice and I said that the buffalo and just. I. I think Barbara do you remember. Stare 7991037. Texas 71037. What's your health in the now we have givens I hope enough for my girlfriend. She texted me this morning said they hinge on her driver's side door is broke the driver's side door won't shut so she's driving to work. And how crazy at. Get an idea right today are trying wow man Illinois Jenna holt the right thing I'm seriously like give her laptop costs us. So what I'm AG say hello to the now 7991037. Didn't call or text. 71037. By Jared and says six Jack let's hear what your health of the know what happened. So from all it worked yesterday yes currently not vote for. And as most of you know the flu that went on there and lose and yesterday morning. There was cart that it provide me under threat but yeah and all that third up you know so I. Don't know how to make a full. And is it a government. And they keep dribbling and all the clarity. On now it's D'Amato and the full eight rhetoric on. And I asked if the choice he whipped that the media. Particularly sorry I had to do you do yeah. Your home don't you made it to the media and it wasn't your car stereo. I don't get a little on the short all on this. Just tell him something out. Doctor is simply can't I got the flu shot. And we were talking about and he said yeah eyes like you know influence any obviously is going around really bad because it's what they do the flu shots like a few strange yesterday and all their all one point eight except this year they have Wednesday they said they totally miss the mark on which strain it was going to be obviously isn't now it's rampant and you can't stop them to get the flu shot didn't cover it essentially you know video which I can still get it because it didn't matchup. Sao. Estes and extinguish it no no. Strahan should be. Jerry you don't know because chair until it influenza a but I'm not I'm not gonna get the others you can get these how many did you shot a media influence indeed. From its name. Good morning with Jack I'll tell you know I he said that. You're gonna get me to each I heard a lot of clearly in jest lesions right Bratton and the grant is seeing what you're Helton announced. I my way into work this more and RA I think there's certainly I don't have to go through all the rural areas yeah. There's a great woman walking her dog the dog you know doing the business. She doesn't picking up. I'll. Are. Well this is not a word yeah givens doesn't need to be there and I don't daughters don't think you have major that tiger all holier than now I do psychedelic may I do like forty expressed on you shut up okay but I do. Grass roots problem occult or Melissa and Brookfield good morning Melissa what is your help to the now. Hello yesterday and that where Aaron had a huge rise I am play each and how at all. I think health and analysis or what's that. Yet and integrating it into tables I and yeah see your head drop and it's not. I don't know why quietly calling for the health and Jay Don have you. I don't know IU athletic and humans sometimes. How does someone on your friend is okay and think this is calling for Helton announced yet but I'll be good let's now show us recession. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.