Hell To The NAWH - The Tortured Tongue

Tuesday, December 12th

It's that moment when you're stuck in traffic and bite your tongue SUPER hard while yelling about it on Snapchat. Yep. That happened to Gibbons. HELL TO THE NAWH!


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This is a three. Smelly rewind to start for health and and I thank them. When I got up today and I got my car I was like idiots your all alone hell yeah. It's Bruschi is being kind here now let's go to the humans do I have a double whammy of god. It's when you're going to get on the highway or right and now they have those let red lights yeah regulate traffic flow when you're sitting there for two minutes Kono and the light is still red now. So wait call now and you go one step chat because you're standing still you're gonna go a step taken yell and as you're yelling you bite your tongue. Mal starts. I'm leaving no. We're out there. I why it was well. No why not change I had no idea what people are going around yeah I want to one guy wanted to stay everybody's beeping beeping beeping in the one guy staying and no one to move could. I think it's obvious he somebody mister sends durst on I don't know what happened I would just screaming hello all that the war as I was bleeding for some time now yeah yeah they may using Helton and our 447991037. LO kisses desperate. You are you can't help now. I interpreter heard that that this. Hackett quote bull he. And then learns. It's buried edit the already stayed up. Okay. Only John and. Now my name's. Saw it swollen and I'm just like it don't work. How god for things. Well thanks for college. Leo right. Hey you need and you did just a bit if your Dennis could not geared to doubt I'm just saying more to take better care of your teased before you had to dole is there are yeah us navy I should reject it and that I friendly terms when he won yesterday. I go to pot a lot I mean I spent over fifty bucks and all I want is 31 cents a how to that now. I would sake ask for health and not doing it ever wins now did he never Larry never win he's always wind up losing your help. That I would do it every single day at the same time yeah. Reason LE Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.