Hell To The NAWH - They Took My Taco

Tuesday, April 24th

It's that moment when your favorite place takes your FAVORITE taco off the menu. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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This is a an Alley rewind to get a health of the now 7991037. Or you can text 71037. Cycle you go to get some tacos here excited to have your favorite cocktail hour. And you decide that you're gonna go to Baylor cantina and they just off the damn match. Oh was. Under the new. So let's see how it works out anyways and other things yeah. The story really works. So who always sat down and a friend were worth does hey you've got to Giuliani mignon it snows a kitten but it's not even close. Yeah it's not a superstar may just. On the radio and such a good tackler and like I must now lobster shrimp Mac and cheese only time will hurt it turns since she doesn't why can't I am like why you gotta present government but then like Delaware people who love letter Palin can pummel about it we have to death a menu that was my Hilton announcing what is yours 799 model 37 Lindsay is Emma nominee falls what's your Helton inaugural. What you worked out very nice say 128 tool factory therapeutic. Come home to realize your scalp your arms and just the entire provided numbers. Happening this week and you know migrating birds and hero right people this. You have when the milky white Wisconsin skin. That included 81 now that aren't your scalp and what. My scalp my arm and a leg my task I face. And I look alike got a nice share look at teacher and everything's it was so nice yesterday and asked my girlfriend everybody has a face lotion with SPF now OK if you don't have one get on the train girlfriend this crowd. I'm embarrassed yeah. Get on a level girls time each Regina has been apply every day. They should dollars in good morning kiss ass and get a Helton announced. Abby rehab bureau cannot rule does not so great night back and ordered PP you Obey it. Friday night. Well you got three years and nothing else right now I think one what that. The Philly did this get where's or you just letting the catch a real cat now. How is that the don't. So we can hurt you keep that out yet upset stomach don't look at 300 dollar bill later. Handle. Sandy Dennis or behind you. We're just got a three year is your sorry yes you'll be cited serious illness are now. And up until this point you're fine. And leave it alone for six months elegiac and the political and put it. Holly in Milwaukee when he got to Helton announced. It would. All of the all of my aunt and I I think it's scratch here and lenders owed us. Or is that weekend at all there and that's announced that here. Any driver I was really gonna show and like five minutes. Yeah yeah. Here. Are. They know it's any better here anyways nothing good happens in Minnesota. Leave that storage SaaS 71037. We have text tells of an Oslo dear lord when you find out your elderly parent was scammed out of 200000. Dollars. By some quotes princes in my. Someone elderly who have dementia I don't know are separated since dom what documents Jaffna. I think about it look at face organizing dumb people all the time this is not surprising then I thought I am my grandparents are totally false and assisting their soul naive on the I have to tell them no that is not reopened says he's no grandpa not he's not worried female nipple snuck hot specially money pain free. Network at Barry better work which is Britney says it. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.