Hell To The NAWH - They Stole The Bentley

Thursday, July 12th

It's that moment when a friend's VERY expensive car gets stolen from his driveway. HELL TO THE NAWH!

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Rigs and now they re wind right now Stanford held to the known. You know text you're healthy and not to 710374. 7991037. You can always always loved how can you give Indiana hell's the bad. Dude this what happen nobody in my in the last night yeah he owned his own business so we lives like a nice house in Jersey Lira plunging car is a bunch of toys right. So it's when he's driving his Bentley home. And he pulls up he sees somebody trying to break into his house gets out discarded chased that guy comes checking guy comes in and steals is that we. It was as a primitive paneling and yeah I am Chinese Johnny styles. Frenzy here is my house and the knowledge I have a guy over my house Tony with Tony thank Dixon my air conditioner totally don't. That we lacked out of Tony. And he's literally messing with my thermostat which is right by the television you know. He's right it's set a hump and my son Hudson is four yells your. And say that I would ask I'd like to have idiots fixing our. Air conditioner you better tight Dow sure he's just trying to watch something he hasn't always yelled the move out of the way or blocking the TV dear I could out later hey Jenny good morning M Helton and now what is it. So I came here by an act earlier congressional Don wanna pick it is get a 160 it to you cells still here. All I did. Although white. Why don't I born later and I am saying. Breakdown line moderate. Hey you know what we'll do that cool thing about escalators they can never really break they can only becomes stairs yeah. Sorry this. Sorry for the convenience now eat right and it has a parent can people do people have died and escalators right oh yeah they're meant they had my sister to get to the subway station one day because some woman had her dress has gotten stuff. And I ate my. See I got it isn't getting it. And Allen brings on the missing. Rory. Brian Griese accident but it can happen that's all I'm saying to kids Johnny later again because you're you're well guys are just major anxiety even more yeah. Not just need to see a therapist. I'm Jenny I want. A couple. Stay away from the escalators take the stairs because there is that I don't know you're welcome days ago and Becky good morning with your help to the now when he got. Love. I play and 800 dollars on Monday it big in my card as well or direct yeah and you. We'll find out the next day that I have. I. Okay story. I was driving down the street and then out of the corner all of us. How allow them to pay their she's back. I'd allies is just the story was just getting good girlfriend please Kennedy cut out Becky please give us your health of the know what happened that made you say Helton and don't get to that part. Well I Monday I had an 800 dollars fixing like car no direct. And I find out on Uday and then another 400 dollars to pick my costs. Streaming in new driver that's I really wanna announce him. Tomorrow. I'm Adrian who merger armor was the 400 a separate issue from the initial 100 or secondary issue is 801 oh god I did at 400 dollar to 12100 bucks now. Pretty much the same Arab is dead. Dry tires it's. I immaculate car is another left. That Chrysler Town & Country. Had swelled when Becky rolls up and Chrysler Town & Country on the what you. I will be arriving shortly I should call Becky implement anywhere except that comment it's also important importantly more with your help to the now Corey. Off when I you watch accused and their three year old. Lock yourself into a car on an eighty IP OJ. All I can. Alnylam one moment and little old are you so sure she's like I swear in the regulatory slim lead by a surrogate parents are. And you know everybody's judging you never an orderly I'll bet you were saying. That's the worst cores mothers do you. You don't cotton well garbage Baffert. She's. You can put them their due. Yeah yeah yeah not much you try it out about remark I would try to like oh yeah. And it split and about there and it can and I would create all over around and slam the door locked the doors. I may put you articulate but I don't know. Cora. Hey you keep calling were predicted and a pistol Killen and his mom you know. Sailors and this morning how to get one thing one of three point seven kiss FM in recent LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.