Hell To The NAWH - Terrible Toilet Troubles

Wednesday, June 13th

Riggs is having the worst kind of issues: TOILET ISSUES! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!!!!

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Delhi realize. You know. JCMR the first sign up three point seven kiss FM to Trace and Alex. It's out when you use the restroom in your home in the new flush the toilet and good on your basement realize that there is a leak coming from a toilet into your days. Oh yeah. They send terrorists is not finished. Thank god they got and that's why I love having an unfinished based think as I can spot leaks like that go well I should probably get that and thinks I don't know where I threw extra little bit. Was it just water that was leaked just like I got a little wax seal under the toilet as. Ring thinking done and that is what happened and we put a rubber one is that of a white accidentally shot we put Iran Irwin and as well. You know that means givens of which I don't know why there are entitled to get it bigger worry placed a toilet. I finally got no I did when I was a kid LE one of my step dad's side jobs no I was very yeah yeah little ring and there is little rain now down and the blue then it was just yeah I think that's that's what else callously. It alone. He's gonna tell us what problem parents out there because I know you do it just mean in my mom prince secretly contrast yesterday I screamed a couple profanity is. At the top of my lungs that my children in the car with all the windows out and I do not care who heard me go a little a little something like yes. Everybody knows they're talking and I got to bring your country your favorite Carly terminate what has shot up you. It was the windows up in the windows didn't shatter. And those who was pulled over after. Yeah. Total insult your children from my G-7 991037. Lead into next 71037. I felt that on the table text and about who. I don't what are. Let me get to seven monetary senate. When one of your students has diarrhea and and you don't realize it until they until after other out on the playground and it's all over the that's why. Can't help the Rea what accounts. And you know there and they called the runs for a reason okay Aaron I don't know what that reason is I don't know that is six and 799 model 37 you got a health of the dollar as it. I'm getting ready to leave for alert. And that is the current and picnic like aren't you a lot after that I heard the click on the ground and yet plant in India ink. Sorry it on the ground. Ball. It's. I'm an about face another car and let me I try and take it home from work I. Think marquis. I don't give a damn Jimmy home. I'd aren't there in the meantime ready you're adding 200 yards my dad and now regretting it. I can encourage he. Those new tees can be expensive to pay it was in the U. Help and there extra com. You're welcome ever have a good day. It's about schizophrenia and elves of the now. I saw can't homebody a year ago for my third deployment from the military reservists. Thanks Juan who knew the act Hawaii. You know like I wallet gone. I have heard us. Just on the Sally did Max. I all of college came back here go so we're in the met all our current divorce right now. And it came to find out she's due at the end of July which is chaired. Non war and a oh yeah yeah well let's find you a new woman Alley the month. There's really no I don't I don't like Kalin hoppy I'm dean not trust me on the team our viewers know what I'm saying right now. Remember. Why he. Yet he gets at something and Tommy Baldwin scorned them on the national flash and other scorned you got a pager I felt comfortable out there at the it what did you name. Andy take a call members say less than a guy named Andy grotto it's. I have the rigorous Davis. Like dating or Brothers or else. Thanks Andy. Does that sound reason Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a damn dot com.