Hell To The NAWH - Stop Honking At Me

Friday, November 10th

It's when someone honks at you the milisecond a red light turns green. Give me a second to react, bruh! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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This is a week's finale rewind one of three point seven kiss FM straight now it's time for help. All know. All 799137. Or always Texas 71037. You both city had doozies Helton and please show and so. No you don't with the people. What you're sitting at a stoplight and it turns green and you can't even lift your foot off the breakup or somebody does now. Wayne I can't hawking if I'm just sit there with the talk me if I'm. Waiting for to turn green and I'm just to be. V yeah not only do you literally and let's dig my foot off the breaking your honking at you bring your free of the senate umbrella up. So man given that you Helton and it's when you go to Lee friend's house for dinner is a great meal yeah you're at a major you're moving on I'm saying you're then moved again not your drink governing gets all over hurl. Oh. And is there there may. They shouldn't pose a drink it was a Coke. As an advantage Coca-Cola I'm Kathleen -- guess what would suspect color of the couch it was a White House. I. Hey nick he's got a stroke Nikki what your health and now. Hi guys I helped her nose was my form and ask can you tell under the recovered and I don't Saturday after everybody in that aren't aware that week. It uses I'm Nicky yeah. Yeah I don't know if not a not a curse now. This is held hostage inside. We'll enjoy your relax we can it not working hopefuls how. A. And I thought oh yeah. And sundry. And legally for the first time. Conclude that Syria. Good morning kiss FM which euros in the Nasser. Outside shot and it you elaborate on the other else nice. Yeah. Now than my notes and now it's. I'm not a morning person I you're not good morning my child in the morning when it's super colts yes. I got a lift up a blanket and away. Couple wanted to 800 pound in the morning it just shows. Is it turns out on the radio. And why I don't go listen to yourself back and are on 1037 concerns and that time yelling and we are how is our. You can always listened idiot being mad that we did on the air team instantly check out Riggs are now in iTunes you can share with everybody Letterman like browse other -- and yeah. I. Oh man possessed I Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.