Hell To The NAWH - So Many Stomach Issues

Tuesday, February 20th

Moms beware! MANY kids with stomach issues were featured on the show today. If your kid was one of them, you probably only had one thought: HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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This is a week's finale rewind when your cohost says today get a second job. Oh yeah. No givens and should not. Intellectually Hillary camp tomorrow morning and a thirty yeah Eliot I just saw a headline that now may be file out of my chair and then. Football player Carolina in terror or rake her roots apologizes. Perkins. Irene to kill some mother but still seeks custody. You try to. Trying to kill you stuff they. Aruba and aren't a big garden that's about the only time when I would say the court liaison like the moderator be there all times she yeah. Here's your I think chills up my seeks custody after trying to kill thought rather. 7991037. Awaiting tax to 71037. What happened the meiji say held to the now like when your. Check engine light comes on and it's probably gonna be a 700 dollar repair and you're like. Get for driving the car to the wheels off it. Look at the limiting honestly and it's 7991037. Or you can text to seven model 37 givens would've gotten. We've got some issues with parents oh my god okay I'll boy might help the -- I just gave my five month old bat and get in and clean clothes and YouTube's all over himself. Yeah hey it's. Even worse than that. When your six top Gerber dramatically get sick directly in your face says you're getting relief for words. It's the two plus from the wallet my bathroom. Which is on the wrong. Sag hasn't parenting funds have a chance they said it'll be fun. Stephanie and mosquito what's your Helton announced. And help turn out I let out a fire and I backed out of the barn and because it's somebody I got stuck. At all on in my urine or. Steve yeah. What's your problem now hitting your second month from all the rage against the mud. DM well her senate. They say cleaned out my Carla and I told my husband look I needed an increase up my car show heavyweight. You would have been fine yes mr. Dugan miniature cars leave it there and it's a Windows Vista system. When I show that in the sirte South Bend in their wanna know we care about it. So we know. Simone what up what's your health and now. I I Mike. I then. He has recently it celebrated his current 21 triple a home. And he posted a video tribute to Nat check of the spread to Jack how vomiting launcher trashed. I'm at this morning for health grounds. Or something. It was disgusting and she really think that appetizing thing for Collins non particulates in this morning there was a lot of youth and assess health yeah. And I and Jerry meals Derek Hough I Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.