Hell To The NAWH - Side Piece Valentine

Tuesday, February 13th

Our intern's boothang wants to hang out before and after Valentine's Day but not on the day itself. Side Piece Valentine? HELL TO THE NAWH!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind. Time for health of the down. 799370. He can taxed 71037. Our intern Rashad has been chomping at the bit for your health and all this morning. What you know what is your health and another off all right so for the sake of Valentine's Day tomorrow ask when how about you when your guy tries that action on a day. The day before the day after what's. I don't doubt. How online today because they're basically the clients in class. I have a question do you know like are you were known as the such a do you know earlier this tragic or is this MB in my young you decide Jakes who liked let me let you know on itemized via secret homicides are all. You've got another. Way better. 79 I'm one of 37 Oregon text in a 71037. What are we get for health Sonoma there will long time ago on the first date with a guy this weekend we won our first day we made out and then he tells me the next day these positive for strep throat and now I have sheriff's. Make out session yeah yeah. I would go to the restaurant and you order a beverage and yes for straw and say we don't have straw dealers. The during. You're among our mile and they bring it to you in a glass and not a compromise. Coming in my French government. When my stimulus today. About givens against anti British and I am a terrible terrible terrible person was a veteran man I don't know military analyst. They shout out. Hold and then not you know I was really. On that. Just after I got I got I got snapped shut up I got away is a hell of an album I'll have. OK and so agendas daughter is deep Jens deployed her daughter is turning nine years old today as Dahlia she calls her bug has been ninth birthday Bob I heard this you're not in school already we're sorry the givens forgot I'm a terrible in his defense I forgot to use a little bit less brittle it's fairly and they held in the now. There again tomorrow same time originality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.