Hell To The NAWH - Screwing Over Charity

Thursday, March 22nd

It's that moment when you find out your credit card got declined while you were making a charitable donation. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!


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Kelly re like. In case you missed it the first time on a three point seven kiss FM and buttered popcorn jelly beans. It's been a new development FaceBook page dear deeply passionate about the last. Their growth stay on grounds and grass I've held the nod yes and embarrassing wind what is it when your hollering yesterday now headed your friends don't humane society is say yeah. You know are you do you have bid on a bunch of stuff you gave us credit card could get a gold drill. Show me. The I was wore a black eye problems with the wrong digit or was it just part of the Arab anger I think here's my debit card everybody in my checking account but your. Please tell me that I doubt there was nobody else like this might mean just an there was one other person and whenever you want and I don't. You donate. Now how often heard. Probably there she said no avatars it was just like that was six earlier revenue. Am I this is such an awkward phone call me. He gets up for the mid eighties sale to announce 7991037. Or you can now text it to 71037. Leg after an Alley. Making a nice charitable donations to the American society 200 dollars or are we are relying on how your card didn't go through you know. Kill me. You're a parent I'm here for kindergarten and fifth at the Osama curling corner. Even conceive that you have put a valid excuse their thinking OK and I'm not sure. And everybody. I mean. 7991037. Or you can text to 7137. Was attacks and us for help to the node enemy. From Geneen guess when you find other words your favorite radio personalities keeps. And Lisa Emery favorite. Engineers I had enough of a lot of her house damage it's worth it drags it. Down. I don't offered no longer you call them like Tim I welcome back analog and ended. One person and like two rigs and I'm not funny enough the funny department but I got going and when you find out your sister has been secretly dating your ex and your mom knew the entire time. Out to the super healthy and seriously. Or still related to her and I. While you can odds there yeah yeah I had I don't know what does that serve took magic got a clip this is there a big bloody Jessica you gonna help to the dollar as it. Yes I definitely build Alan happens. I. I record company jagged. Like a gas car they keep at again at eight and M I pump gas into companies Vietcong and I'd like a car and it. And it didn't go pearl. I am trying to get all the great five at 1130 I wish you luck. To pay fair if your mom yeah. I was really embarrassed and I like to kept apologizing. And I thought it. Promise me. How. Right and promises in the corporate card usually lurched so awkward an. You know wake you aren't up and all but I am really relate well I just thought I'd like earlier you can get up and all I don't know what. It did you just laugh away the awkwardness of the whole situation just hope it doesn't happen again in Indiana house and Ellie do it every morning around 745 it's always sexton the seven model 37. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.