Hell To The NAWH - Rogue Dog Doody

Wednesday, September 13th

It's that moment when your doggy makes doody when you don't have any bags to clean it up...HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind it's when year halfway out and a trail in the middle of nowhere near dog decides to do his businesses have. Have one of those bags. They do. Do you remember our viewers and just leave it nobody on notice luck right there are people walking by. I'm seeing. You guys. A bullet your yeah. Looking back. Actually led to I don't know are you run did use don't did you go as far as even leaning over his mistake pick up a Abrams she source. It's a couple of well I personally. Some of the Oregon I was. Funerals oh my god seven and I laundries and NL to villagers as many years when I get home yeah. And my jacket. Is like hey. Hey you got a college city yeah. College city right now in light on how to Garrity carpet. Do about it. Everything's online nowadays. We gotta talk all right now. Let's look at the it turns into a screaming match between me and my father and all are there at did you like. Not always finish your mommy but not your daddy. I was trying to get out there senate that I wanna present and you got to Helton announced. While dad gonna work this morning and it to her body out and there are still people I don't have that light I. I think I'm pretty. In the rain and then again dogs have to turn your headlights on I think it's even a long silly if your windshield wipers are on and you don't have your lights yes turning a year earlier. Yeah. And Franklin is bad at Alec cares driving into an event. My god for each I couldn't even no stoplight I was at this morning you know fighting and I was like wait where I guess that was that formula. Doesn't think I everyday Jennifer addressing about their internal audit Dem like everybody else. And they can't I finally got a house of the now or. Thank you I'm. Last last night my boyfriend and had a friend me at this very at the end the equity act paranoid. Let me say yeah it's. Now few years. I have I think she's glad I and dream that already gay and be it. And you're a car outer rain all that we were giddy and I hear the crap out of but when you're. Right in Atlanta at the thing I ever lose. Well you're glued to help those scary movie he still had the book. Jerry I can't help them at all they get delegates there is no. On England. Did you did you enjoy it I mean for the lazy why don't you like scary movies now are hearing of it I'll see what would you. I'm not a lot orange. That's like hey. I don't like seeing somebody got a decision placing the planet decisions to have a salad. Potato with the on that things are gone analysts saying that Leo and Stephanie good morning what's your Helton announced. It is dry on how are your favorite radio station and that he. Mom. Moonless. Innings I don't know I'm like yeah current availability. In your. Look I don't burgers because it's elegant man today laid out and norm. Normally she sounds like an eight year old man and sometimes sixty earlier than I do help you can Wear you listen might elect. Twin lakes sub can't I would get our engineer on Ellis set a ticket and foreign born expert. I don't know works always wanting an auto its color got a sensationalist and they Lynette in Kenosha good morning which Yeltsin announced. Might actually kill. You and that I have to drive around Illinois and he's handled the data to Bangkok. I didn't give them about the show. Right. One and around this. People drive and sound we're putting any ticket don't worry. I wanna hit two different Latin mass and we have Colin remembered I didn't remember I didn't hear. I'm very burned out under. The the white shoe law. There you go yeah. They Chicago's Hilton now and it's just a long comment Ellis should. You're welcome to try to right myself right we'll come out of my mouth and Mac and a lot of human health and well I present here IMAX like little comes out of my and that's why we say we like you. That's our until I just aren't the Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.