Hell To The NAWH - Pulled Over

Tuesday, October 31st

Someone on the show got pulled over by the cops yesterday! HELL TO THE NAWH!!! Who do you think it was?! Think they got away with it?!


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She missed it the first time. Now in reliance on a three point seven kiss FM its recent LA times for help to the now. So late sales for the gas. And 79 I'm out of the journal and the guy I have deployed in Texas 7137 god it's and you go to the dollar store gets Halloween candy. Yeah and by Halloween candy I mean all you want is candy corn and there's no 280 corn in the store and well now they're. Me anymore. And divided up and threw it away you stop the notion deep properly eat candy corn you know. I when I was involved please yesterday and I was driving on the road no doubt that or are. And I went. And pulling you over. My registration. Tired I didn't even realize that are your tax back on that island sound nice to you think he did get a little wise got a warning now. Take care of it and it's fine you know lead to sticker put in the bottom right hand corner remember I know where to put my standards remember. Did I read somewhere else I can no you can't really you know yeah. I called a lot of suggestion you. And now I will not get up next time. Not much it's a matter if you park fire later your registration sticker Enron stock he might go over the adds yeah illegal and people. I Jesus gave me a warning I gotta run the DMV's today. When you Dawkins any thinking is enrolling in mud but that's not my. And new. Salon hosed out of the shower it was disgusting 7991037. What is your health of the now actually good morning mr. Helton announced. Well I like who worked very I'm not here by accident. Oh not born homes. Yeah. And everything. You know Daryl Hannah best or I aren't. Got you did like I Halloween costume and everything did it you. Art art art. Of let's go back to bad it took you learned. Jamie good morning and receive which you're held to the now. When you Wear your hair different for the first time in a long time yeah how the month that goes fool you need you need dire here so I thought that. The Korean right peer group bass. That's Odyssey to get. Also to our American right out of my quote bring her let me now by Kyra I honestly can't accounts for a week. Exactly execute thank you Colin Jamie I think you Larry Young. Nathaniel to 20 yeah Jane good morning. Which held to nudge in. My Omar what a normal air land might not control. My god can get my body can't change button that got I don't. Who fought what I. Content. What happened now guys. The dog has her brother had a chance skeletons. Yeah and then Soviet Russia done plenty of thanks. Heather good morning. And or its own and don't put Johnson and out. I'm Tony they picked up a third shift at work and we don't where I thought Christmas lights not only the White House. But not cute at our house. Yeah yeah yeah. But but but I have a friend that depth and at this Halloween decorations this past weekend he was like a minute do before it's called black what other. Well. Actually reading this weekend where the lights actually on as well. And hot and yeah all sacred things. But that dialect holiday cheer a little bit friends is to Halifax second thanks for college now to know would do it again tomorrow same time it's one of three point seven kiss FM. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.