Hell To The NAWH - Parade Traffic SNAFU

Monday, November 6th

It's that moment when a quick trip to the bank turns into a 2-hour traffic nightmare. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. Is Ben Stiller Ben Affleck are humans add a boy it's one of two point seven Josef and for Helton now. No place. He mayor Evans hasn't held to the downloadable rival all of our struggle for and love of the go ahead. It's when you venture outside your apartment for the first time in three days can your sick right now what you got to go to the bank to pay bills you just so happen to venture outside the same time the veterans day parade is going on Gary and June 19 minutes. Jimenez 99. Minutes to do a trip that would take you 1090. Claiming fans for your mishap you know I'm blaming my stupid self for not watching the news before I had the rights I I went from my apartment Jackson Juno I went to the bulls scenario I like east and west Wisconsin right I had to go from there all the way down to Lincoln Memorial drive all the way north until late. All the way past collect Tivo only memorial drive and lose my way around it took me 980 minutes to get home. Jerry and oh my god. Who is a slim streetcar that may not this time 79910370. We can Texas 71037. Was to your Helton announced who. I'm a single backup on the traffic like 4394 northbound and here in the area you trees stuck their sorry V here in LA there's just looks like congestion at the moment given Yeltsin and no we got one from the Texas 7137. When I'm walking my dog and talking on the phone at the same time I leaned down to pick up the doggie mess and realize my hands not all the way in the bag and I got duty on my hands. Ladies and leave it. I think they're right and that's that's that's that's been getting to depends you don't 7:9 am one of 370 and a Helton now. I'm really directed right at the deadlock in the school at short and you. Well. This kid you think. Who made fourteen. Policy he's a rebel. I'd just like the guys in Wisconsin middleware shorts and a T shirt in the winter to exactly and they're wearing sandals because their macho good good good good good for you need to be the effect that the thanks god Natalie are just SNL's of that I do what is it. Elaine Elliott 45 minutes early for. School you get to Victory Lane at that has stopped. Now it's wars and added that stuff you energy. I don't know where yeah yeah. Or should they re there are arrogant. And then in Milan and as dissident sections. Thanks for Collins. It just good morning what's your health to the now. On we. Then stop bachelor party. We go to. That's strip club that Buick sick for the bachelor parties had I'm I'm getting that bad and those are bird takes a bite out of my neck and. I have here. Mark and I oh yeah. And you and relationships. Besides I don't doubt I'll ask you know the audit Arafat's call it show us. Did you girls filibuster her body and next to our people thought about it and help or. Wow yeah man. Thanks for gone Josh to pick up Jonathan LaMarr good morning which your Helton announced. Bump and England to totally. She learned that won't give up I guess my phone in the purely a few indirect two way. Oh. Really does sound finality you know. I told you. It was Tony are a result lifeline is an expert on held a monopoly and tomorrow at the same time rigs in LA it's Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.