Hell To The NAWH - Packers Armageddon

Monday, October 16th

There's really no need for a description here. Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone yesterday and might miss the rest of the season. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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Mix and Alley re wines. They decide to get Al hunt house than you realize there's going to be torrential downpour while you're going see you said on his house. All master. No I framing your analysis. On how I'm glad the delay in inside parts were inside I was happy to be lost in the darkened schools into Wisconsin here and Brandon yeah. That's really the crap you yet Saturday night to the win again. And crap like end of crap thanks. Everything that air Roger has got our chance crap what you only get was held to an off center at 71037. A couple told people Texan in their Helton announced it and have given us. Once it's accent when you go on a family vacation down south you have to leave early because a cat did that category two hurricane hit song yeah yeah. We know LA there. Rewarding them when Nextel all yeah. When your boss gives you all for the first Sunday since you've been hired in the Packers lose. Now. More drama when your job gives your paycheck a week late but you still can't get to catch him because they spell your name wrong on this check. And I promise that whenever you're. I'm John I'm good I had to. Good for its shuttle broke one call from Rebecca good morning what's your help to the now. My seven year old I didn't but I blame your weight they urged gore and I don't have school. I want it sounds like it is so cool yeah service and service day. Kindergarten. And yes and he did not go. Well Eddie and I think now I look I'm not got there and don't. I am so yeah. Chairman Alice this Rebecca thanks for less in this morning appreciate Cullen then. And Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.