Thursday, June 21st

It's when you go to get a bite to eat and the place is out of all of your favorite things. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind time for the Helms and knows 799137. Or you can always texts as 71037 what happened and aging go out and like when they send it takes from panic in the discount and it shows up. Ten minutes after you leave the building and you're like I. All right thanks and it extra like. You need every minute can't post anything about every turn yeah I really nice kid like. Like it was a unique thing. And they dropped it off when we're done Mike thanks for the K stern lecture for membership and at noon and continue yeah must've taken their Mittal leftover cake tomorrow. He always grosans. Good parts and really cut out for again head how well as a kid with an intent missing cares what K counter or meaning to the breaker and yes this should have picked. And off signed up I don't know standards and you'll probably isn't sitting out all I don't care I think it will take. I 100% to or two it was just like. Clean port it was it was a regular for you didn't want to try to unload savaged and had your I don't care I'm gonna. Their first one and half cannot always given doubled this and a cake. Seven I'm 37 Oregon Texas 71037. What made you say Helton and now we need is flail your fingernail against that it's counter and you Ding it really hard and I. A man. What I'm. Danielle in Milwaukee walking into work which your health to the now. My arm open amounts of our economy battle with Taiwan saying they say they never have anything Omar Carter's eighty degrees you wanna I train. I might let out Garrett our own nice hat I trained really hard so. Let see we have a blue let. Car. Ice cream is not very Smart and in my mind I would really it's summer. Sounds like okay study you have fired group to buckle we do beware attitude I'm like you know way. You'll pull out. You aren't they took off. Thought yeah. Iowa finally found the perfect mcdonalds that was quick. Yeah easy this staff was great I which no one I want it. Not saying I'm not name and can kick it bat I had I was so they are not every. Here's where the health of the doctrines and so I loved everybody that worked there they were just on it they were quick you never waited a long time it was the. Very consistent this. Everybody quick sound guy on. All mcdonalds and they bring an end this after the from another McDonald's which I stopped going to yeah. Brewer is getting injured and say we're gonna bring in the boys soccer softball team. Totally out. Like I left I know that leading to see her before she. We'll Danielle Page or caught have a great day at work specialist and now probably near the 8 DeVon good morning which you're held to the non Devin. I have ever made shop overt or throwing error and second. Hired a dole and yeah our. We had a guy that transferred to the second shift manager and now I get all of his job see. Make sure we're just. Job Ali job and that's the worst thing. These are Catholic and I think nobody has that half of the deficits are meeting and had learned how Ahmadinejad did that would suck. Mr. Cullen and reparations are different from. But look at that belly at Hartford all she wanna eat hot and really what Terry. You yesterday our basement detonate yeah. Am I accurate. I'm not paying what's your Helton Billy. I don't know not a and I just got home yesterday from super truck and and the puck in the door and an important part or might rule. Golden Retriever and Mohamed just start you know let a little bit 8 PM I'm. You're a bad day here I give it to. Yes they would but I don't like bad blood Billy for a reason men just don't mild compared helmet no matter how. Please you know army in the face of death now I'm no big deal just Wednesday in bad luck daily life. A manager Don as you listen to get ready. I here's here's some good tax when you haven't received child support and three by its support kids bigger x.'s driver around that a new call. And GT better known around. Or something for the candidate they go on vacation check CNET and I'll let somebody else yeah. When you get out and you're ridge or hallway can forget your ranch with your meal and all that religious grounds. Sacrilege now stubby for this horrible thought the young no one. Does this mean exactly what McDonald's box and when your car's AC goes out when it's ninety degrees on its human and that while you're driving ticket to the shot a 64 degree day it magically works again. And Murphy's law. Then and intelligent enough to do every morning around 745 to get another one call us tomorrow. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.