Hell To The NAWH - No School Today

Wednesday, January 3rd

It's that moment when you go to take your kid to school but they're off because the school's heat broke! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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Rigs and now they re whiny. Time for Helton now. 103 Stennis only in Texas at seven model 3:7 to morning. All you let's have been restrained fury patiently here. Alley on vacation. She is not. Does she had a mishap with her manager Janice she started on their kids she could commend this morning all I'm hearing. And hundreds courage but that's her Helton announced Jim yeah okay it's art but things are gonna do. Great job thanks for that that the always wears Alley huh yeah spaced Stephanie good morning what's your health of the now. Well yesterday didn't sitting in my Cuban art and Eric you're my core area talking very loudly about the current movie it. Which I have not seen either of them hit my mother my ankle and shooting the packet and a lot of but it. And they're talking MM China's June about the attack and were allowed and yet we're viewing our wireless. Violate our players Luke's father spoiler off got a half a thanks for calling me that's a high. Highest grossing movie of like last year he came on December pantry can are pretty ridiculous given Jenna held to the now oh yeah it's cool when you go to the bank to get money out of your account to pay your bills now and you can't because you lost your driver's license. The worse here ask for a while only. Hey good morning kiss FM in Helton announced. Yeah I would aren't about a healthy then you add that they are going to Mexico yesterday I was trying to get to work. I have our early and I ended up having to track and all the way back all because. Like drought and Illinois bear. I. Snacks. I was very angry. Sox. Hit of crack it. They sure Colin. Is so much thank you that they're very much how do you deal by the Helen you have to wish somebody happy new year at least a week at least a week we show to the third Augusta which people. Happy new year the first time seen them in the new year yes no I don't totally now. Does anyone representing Texas or call us again tomorrow morning same time kiss FM and the reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.