Hell To The NAWH - No Net For You!

Thursday, July 19th

It's that moment when you move into a new home and find out it's going to be weeks before you have internet access. HELL TO THE NAWH!

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Makes an Alley re wines. What a three point seven kiss FM rigs now it's time now for Helton announced. When you think you see if they dare you slap on your right I. You go and I want street he. I'm Dan how. I'd rather not I don't know if an avenue that drives me insane am I mostly Arabs who enjoy getting out on Google right now you're. Other go to Google right now he's he's lawn ornaments are getting in alleys crawl this morning. And I heard a finally as state problems like me it's okay could Gideon a car accident problem and needs to dries on the road and other people's lawns. Seven and I don't exist don't downgrade. So I think he's done now linked guy's gonna get. You say is accepting that they've big deer local rehab and trying to win a pilot he always get the last word on what insurance. I think you are reported here on. You guys I have the Helton enough to end all held to the not go down. It's when you walk in the work and your super duper happy because your baby niece who just born here on top of the world yes and another radio station the building is play in the stupidly and Womack Sully yeah. No way anyone earnings only doing it. This time you don't play this well. Uncle now you're. And Ryan. I feel I'm a little girl and so she and thank god I hope I can continue DT tonight to my wedding. How do you or do you guys. They make you buy any toys and they screen this night he's so cute. It worked in the mountain cursing out right curse you guys out I don't know stupid jerk seven and I don't know if you're ever going pentagon had schmuck I. Text caged Jenna held to announce what happened. I I do it. So I did not think first thought Allen is totally nice. Suffered here. She's so. Distracted drivers abortions aren't I thought that the people Ali right. To take you. And you. I think one night and there this year and in the road and I didn't yet until I hit. Ads that ran away. You know last year zillions and. IR IR. I'm sorry it happened even semi tech students that I used I was used to the state dear all the time so I just kept driving fast and onetime that was a real the only. May I. Yeah he ought to pay go on and take care man. And even when you haven't. Picture on the sailors and joining us elections for wireless and roads and money gets into any NL in the now well. I'm moving into her new apartment and I called to get my Internet yeah well I'm waiting I have that they ought to elsewhere and the prevailing thought they had they call me back out mistreat their like okay we're having problems we can't do it now though they had to reschedule me. It was some months later. A month later now a long day. Okay. No way I doubt. Violates 21 on fact they say they'll be there between Dayton in not being there at 1159. To sign. Yet he'll be there for about by about. Yes all day you can't do anything for the rest of the educated they're fixing up why doctor sacks helped you know so got to Texas 71037. Givens are there recent. Yeah I would use this I don't know we are you read our bridges being a typical that I did things a woman it's crazy until it happens half. Okay. Happens to me yeah. You don't want him talking about the whole lobster raptors that you know quarter 120. Crazy. A mother after my illustrates how much do announced 791 a threesome thanks for Colin thanks for Texans appreciate it's. Our commercial free any chance of a thousand mark sevens and less than fifteen minutes on kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.