Hell To The NAWH - No Mail For You

Tuesday, November 14th

It's when you find out that the mailman has been sending your mail to the wrong address for a month! HELL TO THE NAWH!


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This is a smelly rewind one of three point seven should accept and it's rigs and LA times gore held to the now. No I don't Dallas Texas 71037 or call 7991037. Like when your coworkers says she projectile vomit set 430 knowing. O'Malley is now. Sunset I guess a big girl from the action says sitting up and vomiting in the bed which is a disaster yeah decision a good luck. Seven an elementary seven what do we got the text of their given. When you wake up and look at the clock he were supposed to leave for work ten minutes ago a yeah. I would do. I had a banner one yesterday Diana. It's when you get royally screwed over by the mailman just how you ask how forever mirrored the parade to German tempered on Saturday night as you guys that my building called me and left me a voicemail about having a package. Turns out they didn't have a package. What they had was my mail for the last mulch because the middleman for what ever reason all my own all the mail and had my name my correct address. Sent all of my mail to another apartment for months. Army unit. Attached all of mine now and then they how did changer adds fresh because they have they were convinced I didn't actually live there and all of that all Murray and fell but the descent to the wrong. Apartment for no reason re waiting Gil USPS yeah right there's a lot Jessica and locking your morning with your house and now. My brother you and Hannity everyday English and that candidate was the fact. We'll look a little. You didn't plan on that path now engaged catfish what happened. I need on the David play any good record got lucky land it okay. And then pointed out candidate. Was it feels now his best friend maybe a little bit out no. Couple I know both fossils thanks for Collins there's realist in him Victorian morning which your house you know Victoria. Good morning we disagree that there aren't you are or you're auction. Agile tried it in the door the BM can also be pale and all our that is. I I guess that means it's more getting into your dad's. Employees say that the dead joked Friday. Bad joke Friday. Yes for him cuts for him I think that's a tough talk up what was your health of the now he's he's hooked on our shelves. Yeah hopefully yes I hail to the SES. Orientation gone as according to the thank you witches on them out of line. A quite yet and Edberg but in a separate thing. I got quite get a good read thank you go to school near rumor yes stay in school kids yeah. Thank you go to the Lamar for Matthew good morning which you're held to the now. Or land you out Wal-Mart and there's social people trying to get dumped. Kurdish gulf of gay people are messed. You win you're here with this hand thanks for calling it that I think that's the that's a we all think he's said it best usually plants thanks Todd Helton and I got a blood wedding you can does seven on a 370. How did against smile same time. Rigs and Ellie Riggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.