Hell To The NAWH - No Days Off

Friday, April 20th

Alley figured out there are NO DAYS OFF this weekend for her. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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Mix and Alley re wines. We did trying to get home from New York City and in your flight gets canceled because of snow and you're like I'll come. Think oh I'm in New York City it's gonna be great wouldn't spend the day here in minutes monsoon in sideways rain you can't do Jack in New York similar like. It's. Finally over the weekend it was terrible. What I would get to work everyday and it in the weekend and it is do we get now we've Orton. No days off Apple's Alley no doubt you're right. We dale we're going to get let's get tonight and that's hard to imply night I admitted yeah I comedian and Jameel at the Mayo tomorrow on united and Riverside theater called that a meanwhile shot goodwill on Sunday from one to three we got all the I love that that could well mark shots I was of the goodwill and started in last night's how I sergeant Scott Riggs made a purchase it is good to all. It is Weis said where are rich how I'm. That was funny yeah. On days when I thought I decide right above its and women's tell us. I well and when I looked okay red it was funny you're right Bradley knew that Jenna our Brothers and malware are now. Finding women's cup. The fur hood desk geez that looks like a women's coach Mike Shields reaching jealous of that yeah. NN Elgin and 799137. Horry can Texas 701037. Mile long and ending at Texas. We got sex all right Maria. When you get asked me the maid of honor you know you meet the best manager acts from eight years ago all. Oh like a show I'm keeping. How my ex or whatever and as they felt I had to think very end up our house to meet love and then they find out they're in a house with all their Lexus I. Abbate yeah that's a hell figure go to like the Daschle heard your act shows out there. She use to settle. Today in attacks no but I have one of the craziest things ever happened last night I mean it's when you think you're having a nice peaceful night with your girlfriend and her daughters when they come over to your apartment and the girls go into the death to many of the best the other the two daughters they come out two minutes later and they are covered in notre here. How hurts and your dog just copper empower. You get to learn and I'm gonna do it. Charlotte and about him well why did I go I'll never been that party before his first mistake was thinking in good times gonna come with kids who knew. Half say that is an Oak Creek PW which your Helton and nobody got. Colonel out of the notre DH is that when Trier burger king and South Milwaukee in hand I GAAP. I whopper junior yeah granddaughter got chicken nuggets. Went through the heart and not to bite out relate they're no mean on the aren't. Girls. Actor Mike has never been easy for Amanda. I read geek but he's just gonna get all. Your city because. They're very much well hell I'll support the. And the power that has now announced it would not be OK or not. Ever heard it and that now that's not having it my way at all. Stock split the low end components jerk thanks to Colin that meet the sailors and this morning hey get out shout the morning which are held to the know what happened. Good morning morning on the freeway this morning yeah backing it to go out. Fifteen minute drive so let me forty sites. What is your drive what do you take what routes it live shot 43 going Nora yeah hellish and experimenting aren't. In the accident at all. Street north price moves quicker eagle really hide nor right has people's everybody's coming into the city the out unless you're going from like Oak Creek to downtown and you're skirt you know would you north of the city may be may yeah. Yeah have all the construction are not great there now don't we love it yeah sure sure it'll arguably done right after summer whenever I was on the summer Barack. I talk on the cell made that up it's not going to be done for Democrats can be done in August and it may be too. I mean that's a due to the text message to an all text messages just came in the 71 or three set what does that when you've been getting divorced for over two years out and you're what you're getting separated from gets pregnant from a one night stand. That's part of the round. I've gotten deeper than it is appetite dowdy as he's got nothing to say about that. To get pregnant now things are happening M generals true so messed up I love having bullet part sometimes it. She's eager to divorcing what do you care. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.