Hell To The NAWH - No Callback

Wednesday, November 22nd

It's that moment when Mamma G says she'll call Gibbons back so he stays up way too late and she never calls. HELL TO THE NAWH!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind 100 point seven to assess damage race and now it's time for held to the no. Oh sorry I do when you order new coffee UK comes from Amazon right high life flows to have her take up coffee in the morning it's always the donut shop. When it comes in the mail yesterday get a big box of only by Ayman Balkan like sixty. In open it up and all says decaf. Yeah accidentally get a chance I'll have another. Cool thing though I didn't have descended back in the refunded my money Amazon is awesome help to the candidate called customer service has some kind Seattle answered right away it was boss itself. There were fine but yeah decaf coffee shall Chanel when he gets sank in their blue no thing. Texas 71 of 37 or call us 7991037. Which he effort Helton and now. Isn't it's when you find a flight that might be affordable enough for mama GD get out here right after Thanksgiving yeah ha and you color up and she goes on in the middle of something I'll call you right back to make sure you stay awake and you stay awake way past your bedtime yes and mob never call. Yeah laughter. Nothing in her defense she forgets a lot of things give us so that's true eighth I'm her baby she remembered calling your collar on damn son Eric Thatcher Helton and doesn't happen to you maybe yesterday or. Yes something happening over the Thanksgiving holiday and it's gonna make you say held to the now a preemptive held to the now so good morning which are held to the now. You leave to go down how are you are Miller parkway and you locked your keys in the car and yet the call your daughter to open. Do not work for AAA and where's. And I know sue thanks for calling ninety got out of your car. A lot of luck to your car a we got a friend over here from our sports station Bart. Bart has a health to the now what's happening you yeah when I'm driving home. At 10:30 AM Saturday debt at night. And I'm in the south lane and guys coming north in the north lane right now in this. He's coming right for you yeah for his headlights on yeah well my eye on 65. Now are we saw that would that the wanna buy silver spring yeah I've avoided jump may have nightmares but I was misled into retail and heard about that stupid almost head on crash or four days now Kellogg's is almost the worst thing that ever happened to me all the yeah. It's crazy. Thanks for coming on the show this one and we appreciate you listen and I five more than one a 57% yeah. Oh. I don't. Your health and announced you know in Dallas Texas a seven monetary sentinel the years and every morning around seven Swanee it's kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.