Hell To The NAWH - Lunatic In The Left Lane

Tuesday, July 17th

When Alley told Gibbons the story of Riggs driving for 40 minutes in the left lane, Gibbons only had one response: HELL TO THE NAWH!!!

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Rigs and Alley rewind plus three point seven to assess damage rigs finale it's when you go to. Check out firm Amazon prime day and you realize that crap something went wrong is just a picture of a dog it's now or he. Porter show ends the pots for my grandma and my mom seems to get an early Christmas so I can't answer I deal was amazing and NYC AM Amazon crash a nine iron. Yeah just one of those instant time. Jack imagine is behind Tony not to slow us I drove all the way to L corned following rigs yeah. How do you see. How it you're gonna tell you. Hello to you I got right again and you both the other guy and I think it's only now are pretty good look up things for kids and I'm. Okay. Hourly ranks yeah Al core and we're going to wreck fest last weekend in Honolulu because we have to try to separate the dude like him at the sky there. You left lane driver we. Oh really. Higher drive Dell port in the left clean up 43 even though there was nobody there rightly so far I got older and I was like dude is a less later what are the legal you don't have to yeah. Out at 100 yeah. Aren't. Luckily my dad he's oblivious was there a big huge line of traffic behind the ninth no I don't get your the last play driver in the there's no traffic he can distract legislatively he doesn't mean you. Yeah brilliant women rescued and easiest state trooper a mile down the road who just seizure in the left lane 2.2 or that's a big T journals and the Qassam and now learn that lesson Campbell I learned that lesson when I'm out there and he's also not only a left plane driver when somebody doesn't know apparently already uses cruise control. Never life on the dried out court and I tried to set my cruise and to go down I don't like I don't. It was all over the place and what a nightmare behind me is tasteful or don't they blew. Let me tell you wanted to talk to the left lane driver doesn't pay attention a nice you better Nazareth. Has some not a novel human drama not oblivious god dude you're such a liar now I was yeah. No you weren't at this enough now now yeah it is and I made fun of America. I don't know him a couple of plays driver thanks. 07991 and 37 was sort of held to the note or you can set it to 71037. What's your house I don't know costs is. I love it's much they are playing very well. When yet to come to terms of the fact a year or less slain driver. And I'm curious people behind me. I'm sure if I'm causing him back now I know let's all all molest lane driving. If you're trying to manipulate it always say I'm sorry but. Just left clean driver yeah pretty regular right. Not to do an imam dumbest things did you read and there's one you can expect to you still have I just expected or right now I'm accepting it terrorized Texas 7137. Lead according to Riggs left lane acceptable flyer. Lazard asset. Chorus okay I let me know okay it's our god are you happy are you happy now. Yeah. Sony inside. Hard telling me I'm wrong you're relaxed about something you should do you are added I'd admitting that I am wrong with friends and my low lanes terrain road isn't sad and I held to the nods when you live now corny skip Bradesco is in the humidity invite every valley get the there's me and it's still Hollywood when there's an. Very heavy adding on to my left lane driver and then rigs it really be shouting oh my god reserves are trying to fight every ten minutes plus hypocrisy in the morning haven't Dario how much art known he had not a violent and preach about the less well. They may have a good morning what's your health of the now. I have a mother Maghreb and I think what we all weeklong bugging me to leave my. Almost one year old Madeleine Blair witch yeah I don't try to. The other reason. I have a nanny cam and might miss. So bottom. I am I a letter I would like I I'm gonna go out our our own Lieber went and and a buyout and many camp I heard. Oh really took my. Now now. I have a nanny cam anyway how old is your kids. And I hung up punishing power she had a match and click sorting Russia's Angela good morning. What is your Helton announced. Into. It's a cat that ever really huge. Utter invited me here I stopped by. It's a real I agents. Milwaukee shows this is a huge problem dog fighting it's able he had a problem it's disgusting and then election confining the dog fight out of some degree I think now it's a real thing and it's a real problem and I cannot believe how the report wherever he was gonna send you to the cops or to the animal control because that's a sell illegal and Selma yeah I would have said sure I'll meet you there at the police I'm. I would have said let's go and they called the cops instead of their parents are what have what it do you wish you drop come did you get of the dolphin. I would going he's. Probably right part Arab. Are but at least not now because they're hardware they are and we're not. True and are now a 100% gap. Then at least you sit down Garland went on the third day that's nice dog fighting in the least of the concerns that plays well that is way more illegal things going on there. Runs and just asked my. Fighting dogs are the most outstanding human beings are gross. I got a helmet off for an face or colony Angela. It's what your allergies are killing him yes and your nose is dripping yes ask Al if you have a tissue which I. Tissue like that I had a lot of your beard as a venue go to this afternoon a blow your nose and I just saw on your hand. All. Better the suggesting I watched snipers wanted over here. And I and I reduce the US must oh lead senator Arlen actually no I don't know how asset Kleenex. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.