Hell To The NAWH - The Junk Punch

Monday, June 18th

When Alley's son punched Gibbons in the junk TWICE, Gibbons had two thoughts: OUCH and HELL TO THE NAWH!!

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She missed it the first time. Daily re why. Seven haven't made you say hello to the know like when your co workers bullying you all morning. Army and you're you're playing on your just keeping up with me do you serious threat to the party can only meal actually you can stop at all. So bullying doesn't bust the ball and I love dear my brother. Seven and I would agree that the delta now. Non man. I know where to be a good you can go ahead given. That's when your at the Incredibles two party on Saturday yeah you're gonna Google side with your girlfriend her kids alleys there with her kids just a great time. And Alex held to the Noland oh no no no no no yes I was glad became the party and there was happy came this bill. Out he's four year old hunter walk so Timmy and punch me. Josh. The timing out there embryo so. You look from that about ten minutes later hunting comes over the puck just. Dollar rallied for the second. The second one like the grandmother sure what row Purdue that a Yemeni hatchback and a right there in the Alley don't leave. Me. Al enough to disappear for a few men he came alphanumeric. Is there all the townspeople on the private four and he's that high and I might you know what I was like yeah how much it hurts the punch them in a private especially due to. If you want to know what you would putts and on that well now. Child my four year old caught you playing with our neighbors downstairs that girls saw. We'll talk girls in our neighborhood to with a little girls Democrats and yes girls came upstairs and sends. Miss Sally. Just pulled his pants down again. On this memorial. I can remember being that age being at that point really I have this thing I need to show it off yeah it's a fan letting you don't get. We should know about what I may think this is genius. I was in it. You know what I did it but I don't that's impressive upset since you show your people girls next door. In these kind of smiling as he thinks it's funny disease for. And I don't look over other dads and. Next time you put your hands down for a big girl and we're gonna go to mother father and you're gonna talk to his dad a young girl they like god I. We former US understood what I mean did you are damn right yeah yeah. You gotta Helton and now they can top those are similar but that's 14799137. Or just access to when he got to knock down a lot of nests and then it's 35 lawsuits come flying out. No it's a real alone. I thought it was an ankle and an air war lasts in there you'll remember last summer when I had big time again and my house I think. Tackle the problem they found a way and in my entire basement was walks us. That problem you say yeah I don't think they're cutting back. Yeah on 47991037. We can Texas 71037. We have text Helton and know little. Yes we do Yemen when you help your in laws move over the weekend go to their old place to pick up stuff and they had nothing impacting your health impacts earnings. Let somebody. Finally moving on now I'm getting. And people moving days are getting very few and far between you'd be available like October 1 in maybe may never Harry. When it's 93 degrees W Texas 71 of 37 and your power in your apartment goes out for five. Our. To get gas yesterday and the convenience of the sport guy and the convenience store is acie was out he was sweating and I was like I didn't act. Is it to come in tomorrow I can weigh. You were his idea of gas one vial Texas a 21037. When you free pay for your gas in the new drive off without pumping comply. Don't damn awesome man it's a value on the next person to the next person came in was like hell yeah. I can't column that. I. Thought. All. Right. I think I'm more and hurt the oh yeah. Holding cash strep throat is out of nowhere. And I am not at all I don't think your grandmother went into the ligaments yeah. You and strep throat on what was our rights. And thanks for Colin hey good morning laden Al court which you're held to the nobody got. There are a few years ago I would travel a split mare I saw tight lipped about warrior gold. And we traveled a lot he's been on the airplane but because he would Jarno it ought to take slowed. So the first time I decided not to take oral. Actual closed or an interior dime at a carry on he had diarrhea. At least at this. Happening as we are starting here you are calm down from the sky into an airport Ali continue to get our. I keep the restaurant because they told all of it just picked out. All. I noticed it and it started Null and Ben as we started our you know coming down from about playing I. The Idaho flight attendants ask you I believe everything about 45 minutes. I doubt yes or not. Yet he's got the oil than every game and Anders is that the Baylor debate goal. Another day ruined by diarrhea my own methods meant Cha Cha Cha. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.