Hell To The NAWH - It's NOT Friday

Wednesday, August 8th

Gibbons spent all day thinking it was Friday......it was Tuesday. HELL TO THE NAWH!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind when you're trying to call your mom to set up plans for the weekend and she doesn't answer your call to she's like she's the bachelorette how. I might add. A group. Somebody's they send ten years should actually Ted tried the implication here you big people in my life sort of watching and she said I Cassidy and national dumber. Think coming into me. Predictable and it's scripted just announced it really tell who's gonna win and who's not they how they added it if you watch him and how many not okay they're they're letting macro look amazing which means he's gonna come. Let you shall Briggs are your parents and dean masters now they are now yes when you become an empty Nester and use the Internet does that departed Watson about her. Al coming out. I went by as many guilty pleasures along with xenon my dream. How are my knew how to knock. I'm staring and staring at rig yet I'll sell you added that he black piece of land hi Jenny Law. You're much Jack. Airlines are integral members. Here shipped yet here halted in a given set higher at a better Japan. Why seriously until I went to bed last night I thought yesterday was Friday for some reason yeah. Not a talkative friends don't like my putting still an account that a what is coming on like do five more days are going to be here is that it's eight these to these two. You've 88 I had no I dad's in a weird weeks browser so you can text says 71037. Orders call us 7991037. What's your Helton and now he Alan can I just sat watched teen mom this week. I there's you know. Don't know why I swear that's showing how Jerry Springer is somewhat normal back to Jerry Springer all of one week it was great by. I was staying. Age and the rehab right Ali Al is crazy we attacks soon we have some great sex this morning the 71037. My fiance and I finally got a nice home alone last night with no kids and we didn't even get busy we descend on the couch flipping through channels like an old married couple. Netflix and chilling literally so much time it's all you do is now like Madonna. Right up. Hello to the not 7137. When your X text you're at 530 to cancel picking up the kids at six. An hour and a great make other plans. One more relationship texted this plume takes the cake my sister found out her ex husband has been dating her friend for the last. Always hope not only is that the third friend he's dated but her girlfriend let her divulge details to her about her husband never said. A friend now yeah. Like gotten. Now this is got to get you friend's girlfriend you are way off the end friends and it make better choices than do a better life decisions your spouse your friends are they your duty Brian Giles and clocks them clocks them I can never seen Iraqis lost on you Oscar did you read only see Iran that the animals called Russell to add to even an aloe exile they are wrong. What is your health to the Dow Jones. I helped them not as well and turn my kids they want me to call and say when you're playing or I and they turn AGCO now. That's what he's just doing his punishment is changing the Wi-Fi pass. What sport guys and all the kids are playing on their little live video game that ends SaaS yes yes. There are no nonsense trying to play candy crash in Jeno James. Two guys. Like the new mine craft was big for watching porn that is now replaced industrials fell to Florida are placed mine tries to sell a mind to really and I grabbed the ball all right well I'll go out how we get our. Hard in my Matt is our night. What they're. I just like I don't know it's a busy and just the model. Thanks for Colin Jones. Bonnie good morning Bobby in Milwaukee put your health and no. And Maureen I have warrantless. Dario them. A dynasty to collect albums were on the radio. Advertisers pay a lot of money sinister. The other night somebody beach we keep our window pane just slightly because you know I live in Milwaukee which is that such a violent. This speech sound and she's screaming for help. Thank you I just had surgery on my hands are wrapped amendment to genocide go to the window. And keep saying like short cutter paint problem with southerners I have to help show X. Lunch without them all on the same animal that they cannot but you know I'm honored that he obligated to help and it got sized called 91. And as Jeanne. Pediatrician and I don't know why all the call 911. It's for the more eggs inside guy trying to break into cars and in Milwaukee and I called and nobody answered no I was sure Reagan Reagan Reagan and they called me back. Like 21 email and I relentless. As loans. Had they called the district and tell them might have and then she get hung it would regress I. He called into Milwaukee ransacked a bit of a problem yeah. Eight G. How does that any help. As on body that you relate I. I called it was just to bring rain triggering rang Xiamen and Alomar sex from now to the Nokia went a threesome on the later side of things like this a third judge you for watching the bachelorette but alleys still watches T May Day. On and I. Judging you yeah. Well that's democratic volunteers I judging you know I apologize if I don't take him off hello. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.