Hell To The NAWH - It Wasn't My Gas

Wednesday, July 11th

It's that moment when someone on the elevator has gas, gets off the elevator and then all your co-workers get on and think you tooted. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!

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Rigs and Alley rewind one of three point seven kiss FM rings and alleys when you find me on eaten taco under your car seats. Moms I don't know. So now. And I tell my I don't know it was wrapped up very nicely and still in the rapper Eminem. Clearly I was drinking one night and stuff some Taco Bell down in the bag and thought that it was an empty that but it wasn't an empty now it was still aren't there and I really just militant. I know I can't believe it didn't eat that's a testament to the foil it was a wraps and hello guys. More upset that I wasted as hockey hell yeah really you know what I did yesterday and then I was at the Wal-Mart gets ready it's deli meat no. Held recently Delhi be Slorc does know. And let's check the current hands do you have a Rosie yeah I am. Just want to how to speed she was what you wanna go I don't know usually no later than I don't know the difference I see. I don't right. Why and it's so many may. That's not a complaint telling you I have ever need it like now I. Connie I want I've never at a deli meat I didn't like or canned meats are like people they seminal different sizes shapes and colors and flavors. Twenty minutes has grossed about computers and had a health than no I got one for him yes it's when you have a new take on the Drake in my feelings challenge yes you need an entire bag of peanuts Eminem does he know what. By the end of chipping your damp too. Much truth if somebody to prop notice the same through this a stupid answer before I chipped again yesterday while eating peas tabs I was telling you should went to that free Donald and then did at the fair couple. I'm only out of town yeah possibly and I ask that day. We could use that yeah you miss free dental day at the state fair. Leave me out on ML ahead. 7991037. Or you can go to you can always Texas and one of recession like yours doesn't go back to Jersey yeah Bob when. Quit your health and now 7991037. Or he can just text it to 71037. Sarah good morning Jenna held to the non. Yeah zero Lux and I didn't notice it by companies that I have a great guest Julie got it. Cool I buzz would leave a two day notice some quitting today. The go ahead. So yeah blessed and I worked at the first week of color and they called me at the offense. And said that there are gonna change a little bit agreement that we had an eyelash they would be next Friday to you. Lot after all that I go look at didn't got a that they post said and they kept my forty hour week. Got like twelve hours. It's. How Sarah yeah. I only hate irritation didn't take or something here how. I thought there Ali why did you. It sound like are there are better. Well yeah. No new job that you've done the job that health care yeah you are then I don't mind I. Hours they want me to combat it or or 3830. Ran we wish him well and stayed asks me to come to work during that time yeah. I guess sabathia made things we did the morning show from six to 10 PM hi I. They should cause Sara. Appreciate it was good luck with the new job by the way. Ender good morning what is their hell to get out and driving from west bid to New Berlin that's right first time in office. What is your nose Down syndrome. My mail I was talking about and its hat on Saturday and we are talking about my act and Bain and at. Bat. No way I don't know how. And yeah. A man. And I now. You got out. I'm gonna miss that continue its historically is that he detonated the. So he method of me and you'd like I've been thinking about you know and off the planet you are at it like. And the last I knew I mean yeah you Amin record at eight. So about it like I didn't like it now. Hell no yeah. So I can never speak to me and many like hey hero it's yeah that. Is what you preach bro. Bonnie thanks for Colin jailers and as well look at that are gender yeah I seriously Kristen. What is your help to the now Kristin. Oh how I had to go to work yesterday and this is an elevator. At this somebody dropped the sulfur Bob. And now I am. Yeah no workers Molly your analysis. And well again. Does it. Young crop dusting was when you're walking in place that was just a farce it's it's it's a similar that would current back yeah. I had elevator isn't the worst for the I can't. Elizabeth rounds and. Rigs and LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.