Hell To The NAWH - The Huge Flood

Friday, August 17th

If you were stuck in that CRAZY flooding this morning, you likely had only one thought: HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind is one of three point seven kiss FM rigs and Alley time for Helton now. Just track right now. Picture on our FaceBook can go share your own pictures if you have been because worst blown away by every picture we keep seeing you ask. He's from the rom lives up there and he says basically they're doing construction on 43 and is like a little dip in construction area I'll. I'm on the road and that is just flooded out on this people at a gonna be stuck there for some time home. You know Andre now itself saying how exit now. Oh yeah we have a lot of drama this morning Bob angle. Remember it's what about that stupid tree that they put in my front yard has had to save your job to people on the freeway here right now NASA has not gonna try to lighten the mood. Comedic so there's a tree they got put my front yard now I have to Jahri once a day. A win last night to water for one hour turn on the water at 6 o'clock forgot to turn the water off. So what I want to leave for work at 4:15 this morning the water was still running on natural yeah. That is normally I turn on the water the tree and I believe it on for one hour for the first week and I set an alarm on my phone and I forgot to this went to sleep in for high. What I need my hair. On him and I leave I let her down really low at night and I like it coal. Like 7069. I turn it off for leed certified forget. To turn it off and I come home and ice. I have children and how much is that used to pay your own water blobs yeah that's gonna call I don't know in. Eight or nine hours. I wanted to do things Noelle I'll designed these. Water they're flowers all the high cost money can be and it was very light drift I mean it was on Saturday night and medical exam I had I sold it did I was going a 100% are not a Harrison but still it was pretty classes this year Els and and I can share with us maybe is that I'm 437991037. Can also X 4145. Terrell desktops. So messed up from. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.