Hell To The NAWH - Golf Club Smash

Tuesday, January 16th

If you had a now-ex smash your windshield with a golf club like one listener did this morning, you'd probably only have one thing to say: HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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He missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. It's one of three point seven kiss FM Riggs are now ways time for help to the now. I can't miss something happens zip it during the entered the weekend the makings. You know like when you leave super early news driving super slow look at FaceBook friend of mine which he still got a rare ended his car. Larry it's seen as you can leave early you can say god slope which should get an accident happen because other people drive like assets. What do let's say my cousins visited from Chicago should go back gets her at 845 get trained yes so she got the U she took off for the sell it and she called that. I missed the train. The last train out shuttle in your back we'll get. Yeah. It's arming and agenda health and now oh yes I'm. It's when you're building your apartment building decided to shovel all the snow that's on the sidewalk in the Sri much literally no sidewalks no driveways nothing on the property show. Redding drove the snow. The company trucks with a plan to bring in the. Umbrella type in the gas never was there sitting there with a total one hit a cigarette in the other. Why are you get up early to come to work really downtown alleys in man I just don't do anything else. All of the negative plough itself yeah. 791037. Or you can text us 71037 whichever is safer let us know what you're held to the known as. 7991037. It dominates good morning what is your health and know what happened. My health and now here's. And not make student thrown out aipac. And the ER. And they need aren't too. Are you okay. I've been a lot of pain let I have a picture about a six month old. I'm pertain. Desk that was already a pain in your back and get a real Pena match. We know you're doing okay end that you don't have to work at least may be easier time off for. At no I'm excited to get up at work or school and my putt short. Comment yeah. Downing and be safe out there thanks thanks for concentration realist and get 79910379. EE said who broke here your car window. Not my went over with a golf club you yeah. My boyfriend what you Mac box out and Saturday night with Bob but what your job. As they are held to the now for the weekend she. Wow did you Colin did you call the police and released report him. I did then that morning because I came a night and then. You can make you thin. Bought it everybody the entire family let them to get Barack keypad idealized. Size dealing them accountable he's now got home I. Can I thought our neighbors there. They tend not exactly what they are Alley there also. Well we all know I don't trust our alternative my neighbors. I'm totally though they are alcoholics they're not drones as they need help they can get help if you idealize is so idealized in many. Yeah why do what I did like big gaining ground we're spending an extra flights. We are right now and I'm ready admitted that but next time you needed I would idealize walk away yeah. OK it's like red flag after red flags hybrid glad she got for his sister that's six red flags in neat yeah. X. You're at you're making. We're like flat reading it. On all good for sticking up for yourself Scalia. Thought there engage is some nine Eli tale yeah I'm pretty sure don't want Kelberg bailout. Rigs in LA it's rigs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.