Hell To The NAWH - Friends Have Issues

Friday, July 13th

When you hear what a dumpster fire Gibbons' best friend's life has become, you'll know exactly why he's saying HELL TO THE NAWH!!

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She missed it the first time. And Allie every line. 100 point seven kiss FM's time for Helton and no. The help of the nominee agents here. Did you do that given my friends are not having a good week's slide my buddy Phil he's 31 years old two weeks ago he gets kicked out of his house his wife wants a divorce right time. Acumen whose parents nom he goes on Tinder and bumble any slice ready slight slight east race like slaves right. He finally gets a match him I said it was a really ticker I give more of these plans for a date. Turns out an hour later the girl asks for money is a robot it's a total scam. Okay. And no way. My buddy Phil is driving home from work. An hour after telling me this was a scam this date was a scam yeah it's raining any road back on the Internet know how rich he rear end somebody while trying to stop at a traffic light in the rain. Terrible infomercial what happened next might still you'll full coverage insurance they'll write your car's pretty know he called and find out the only. Only has liability and bill is still has dozens and I'll see. Happy Friday to thirteen well actually Harry's life filled out after the intensity and integrity go to Taco Bell they say oh we have is dean's what you want. A twenty ounce cup beating the mr. Roth headed finally let three go as low. It's who lives just as we speak as many all we are not Danish people oh yeah why not give us now live in England Celtic. Ahmed Al and I got. I understand rigs are injured I suspect I know I'm not for your not from Spain he's got hammered Arnold. Die like that why it's tricky we asked one yeah. Big English a lot from England and see exactly what's the difference Blu-ray and I do ultimately on the 7991037. NFL tell you can also text a 71037. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.