Hell To The NAWH - Forgot The Pooch

Monday, November 20th

It's that moment when you go home after a crazy overnight adventure and realize you forgot to pick your dog up from daycare. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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This is rigs and Alley rewind ever held Saddam. While boy yeah. Like for example when you get a nice cup of hot hot cocoa. Read the for the holiday parade right. Salvation Army was Hannah how telcos and given tonight we got some hot cocoa focus it was cold it was rainy it was gonna gross outside. And I am drink in this hunt telltale wanna get to the bottom of it and it's just the mixture is there a hole. I don't modeling quarterly top and I start to mix it and it's still dry at the bottom. Thanks a solid starter but no thanks to me I didn't stir it completely I guess I was like this and takes a little weak but I guess the bottom moment try next Helton now. I yeah I am not the same thing logic and hot chocolate but I checked and I saw them exit the bottom and I even think to tell you these I would rigs smarter than I am posting this on a global Null. Now most of called my brain wasn't working at a percents that could get a Helton in a given yes I do but isn't it's when you take your dog we can't bow our right to generally is awaiting the following day in more shock. And then you leave the wedding the following morning you drive home when you get home to Milwaukee realize I forgot to pick up my dog. Back had to look. Shiller yeah. Seven NN monetary Seve and Helton and OO or you can texted to 71037. We got a few good tax and attacks when your company is closed on Black Friday C you're forced to worked 310 hour work days while you have the flu. Closed Thursday and Friday which again award ten hours Monday through Wednesday lol yeah other texts with the hash tag new start. Held when you get rear ended on the interstate and the guy you were seeing. Did they got you are dating read and reply to the initial snapshot message been been ignored the immediate response messages for two hours. But I lost my car and my boyfriend in the matter of two hours. Well yeah he's a brother helping nearly half town eggs. Lee thanks for call for houses and I'll do it again tomorrow same time it's one of three point seven kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.