Hell To The NAWH - Fix Your Shirt, Dummy

Friday, October 27th

It's when you get home after a date and figure out that your shirt was on backwards the entire time! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!


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So now they re wines. One of three point 72 sets and it's raise an Alley it's it was like when you're going north on I 94. In need to go west on 9043 days chains Elaine C was excellent north you gotta go all the way up to Watertown plank. And sixteen. It's a new stood unused a bush tells the now. He turned Gibbons does today's eight had a brain and say give Ben what are you doing every right to commodities that I'm. Out of Jeffrey Dahmer told are okay. Yeah you're invited you know you aren't I did not go. I think you are crazy when she initially told Alley Alley when held no. And yeah I couldn't. Ever could help me out and then went back to it Townsend and how. Why else. And then they have that tore want to make light of a camp killer yeah I'm doing he just killed many people what. Jimmy Helton and a given season. So it's when you go on a date in you have a great time and then you go home and you realize the entire time you're sure was on backward. The dinner date I had lunch with our friend Fred and I was running late and I had to get changed real quick and I just push on Nationalists since he is now. They're looking out for in his best interest to know to work when your girl I would you worded right out your sizes on the back I got that. Sure yeah. So a 79910370. You can access 71037. What haven't made using Yeltsin and now what was your Helton and law moment. At a bomb it and read. And write about. I think it might be able. Wait one at my belt buckle our. Yeah oh I. Out and car wreck is they hang EG getting anything I covered Israel Intel. I hear it with something over out of there's really a pain you have to putt and I got hot iron oh I can't even remember how to do it now I can't go back. It went here I aerobatics pilot you. That people four and a day street irritation out flat. I didn't get an artist to score a bit this morning on break however air. Barbara Bush. And I got. The morning and TOK yeah you tell granddaughter look a lack of playing and your partisan. Williams got my little work. The heat you don't sense something he had no I. And don't you. It'd newsletter you didn't read let's theory now let's get skulls there went your junk mail you're going to hear that stuff you Saudi role. I don't know I don't really screwed your like the old we have. Let's got that we get a newsletter for this building and we delete around. Not a minor league ballpark because once a month thank you for Colin Davis did a great job guys and that's from seven model 37 we got. We have a couple of Jackson won an boggles my mind and give you another 11 which is what the professor says there's gonna be a curve on the mid term and then she only curves at 1% flies. Curve to creating. And Kirk sucks when your wife cheats on you with they married woman. And that woman's husband isn't mad about it because it's two women. Think his skating I got into town their morale is gender. It gets what and actually get a yeah that's pretty evident and the full story now cells of the mouth of the facts are shown on the Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.