Hell To The NAWH - Early For Work

Thursday, October 12th

It's that moment when you think you're finally at work on time only to discover that you're an hour EARLY! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind one of three point seven kiss FM rigs and Alley. Oh today. I tell you what. Windows windows closed and hot the literally like got a. I'm cold yeah. Seven NN 1378 in Texas do 710370. I know people can relate to this one with sentiments and he'd go in the office first thing in the morning and all you have to do is proud a couple of documents he can't we use a pretty dog contest at every trainer. I call our office printer Pauly Shore because they rarely works. I. Don't think it's a good morning Samantha and west Dallas what is your Helton announced. Armed with your latest spat at that he. Can't ready yet but we're at that add a bad back learned a ticket. All the way to ready to realize you don't like so eight out of or app. Especially laboratory editor I have what. Ask you Simon Janet Dench. Oh culture shock. Alison. Back at I don't think that I woke up I think that. Right assists NASDAQ gave myself up to get a little nap this weekend thanks for comments I don't. Seven and a one a threesome we have Texas 7137 givens with the Helton and a text filter that now when I take my dog outside some already late to work she does her thing goes of the bathroom and decides to roll over and ruining our time. Hot and staff and hey Jeff what your health and now handing out. And although not right not burning eyes and went bowel by the introduction momma dealer license us. Plus some screen shot of me that blade two months ago when I was trying to find the person wasn't anybody knows the person. You may play to his mom yeah I. Got a bat and then let's catch you off possessing held to denounce. It. Just look is driving the mama Jean Eli plays ruining your name from. Read it the wrong cantor is that somebody else has heard maybe get a lot of Mac all dragon it's the mud. He's driving. It just ridiculous who's letting it haven't addressed says this is that they called in sick mandated by the extra punch it down yeah. They aren't my neck yeah now I ask questions that yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.