Hell To The NAWH - Dueling Suits

Monday, March 12th

Riggs bought a one-of-a-kind suit to host a gala...and then met someone at the gala with THE SAME SUIT!!! WHAAAAAT?!?!?!


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Leagues and now they re whiny. Time for how they're. I'm not that oil. Seven or 8000 texts to 71. 37 like when you think you have a super awesome one of the kind suits initial to a gala hosted yeah and then you'll walk in the hallway and there's another day wearing the exact same Superman season. I appreciate the work you do for type one diabetes would take as you laugh and I. About spirit that's my suit that's my bag dude. It's one rigs at Saint Patrick's Day parade downtown Milwaukee and the bad as you can bet it's. Hey dad. Harry ads in your. Yeah but your twin bill on initially I sort of what is it with confidence though those crazy silver platter like Hillary Caldwell. Earlier like home. It's Jillian. And they're like your dad acts and and we wait and I went like you're you're. Eight in that we were behind the big whistle competition in the big west are there. I don't know how hard I guess that's pulling his big whistled or in behind it and it was still allowed to hire Hawaii. OK I mean I've followed up I was ten. To be fun rent but still closing for underage Nancy accept for the whistle car that. Everybody guy in the parade and everybody knew we work as we had our name undecided says. When your vehicle yeah. Here's. Eight people know ideally you argue yeah I think if you're on the radio. Streaming. That's our hope you don't. Like. And we'll look at these absurd that. I never get a job. The whole time my voice is drawn off with your help to the center 991037. Or text to 7137. Call 799137. Or tax to 7137. Gives. Oh my god members last week and I told you guys there was a homeless woman smoking in the lobby of my ability yes. When you email your building and tell them that and they tell you immediately respondents were looking into a wall investigated and then you go home and both doors to enter your building unlocked and opened. You know the lady out. Unbelievable. And a Mecca on good morning what's your Helton announced. I don't know its lead in your heart and acting sick at that dating Karen that pretty straight. You might return to get. You're talking out of money he doesn't know that really happened that does. Story you to add your joked that Heidi idiots never. And amiga. Good morning Heather what's your health of the now. All yeah I mean I get me at my in Sunday's big yelled and I ended up homemade hot bird then eat pork chops. I'll split. Now however I'm not conspirator. In adding that garlic. Who was stinky Pete did ask. He actually yeah like airplane wouldn't be hired and what I don't get it all you could eat that I. Out why they're doing that in turn might go off. Rob. But I caught it like Justin I don't know where I ended up a little bit and it turned out ot. We tease they re using VR like those goggles had on their head. So how did they all fight that weight of the kitchen turnout. Games. Well what happened is we Arab one about critics here because it'll actually got broke and because they're true oddity idle threat worse after and a timer for every fifteen minutes and then the. Only timers on the other end you at all. Yeah what I learn and that's how it all cash. I saved. Let's ask but they lifted him to the pork is a volcano was a delicious. Latest work not to elections so now it's we're all should. Takes out there gotta give Claire in Milwaukee one more which you're held to the now. Morning Claire. Let your teeth in the mall. Until I get my who's there I'd. Actually. It is a huge Indian army parachute that. Everything wrong. That's how we go shopping at the mob that. You gotta pop star. As I need to buy new eBay cried that. Aren't aren't really loud. Oh what color New York's. I'd like to truly right. I know what color do you. Our thanks for college class fishing it was a this morning. Held in the now we do every morning or the same time he Allen call us tomorrow morning. Week's finale at Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.