Hell To The NAWH - Driving Mamma G

Wednesday, September 20th

The moment when you realize you have to drive your mom to Chicago O'Hare Airport. OH HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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Kelly re like. In case you missed it the first time one of three point seven kiss FM it's time for help in the know. Paul studio. Has legs didn't like get you said skip that all I hear back tracked weeks logo on it needed Michael logo on the bowl of us are and I took it nice and make a break it its arms to getting that I was shot down the hallway amber double. And your health and yes whoever. I have amazing that. Refuses to it was awesome it was one of life's most epic moment that you talk big figures are smashing against the all of looked at. The owner of that most probably don't I'm. Now. Thing about it and I was accidentally it accidentally dropped just like which of the company wide email goes broke this ball or put guys everywhere and find out. Don't cynnex it hasn't you know will now audio evidence you set and a break in radio Evans was your health and announce. Might help to them now okay it's a moment he's in town now moment she made a new friend who is our homeless lady named rewind every. Well I mean. And went on yes you're on here or can you miss Stearns and freeware called you know she was this such a sweetheart right it. Feel really may at foreigner seems to bring wind each call me old gosh. Yes yeah. Does that with somebody out we're aware how. Salmonella and so it's when you go to say hi. Why do momma momma t.'s friend rewind abduction and she sticks in your. Hi every 100 days ago. Don't issue. Hello my feet tall guy I know I'd have to Wear golfer. The joke I was gonna say your was now because this is not really goofy guy doing here I'm sure that would be a healthier than a perfect. 7991037. I guess I got my IG's leaving today they are held to the non. And a major. Some extra time whether he can turn to the airport Chicago. Hi Fredricka regular school yeah. That's 1800. No words I have to. Timmy good morning in Glendale. (%expletive) the what is your help today now. I don't know it'd go ahead I would and it will let environment ready to. The page and try to get cranked radio they are gonna try to drag us all down there I laughed when that happened when it happens on the air where these kids. Kiss FM good morning what's your Helton and help struggling to deny you. That means you know grossly. Yeah. One person be for you to do right. Plain and now that's the onion. Don't go to the store anymore I order Amazon fan and yes and it's to our delivery girlfriend and don't waste your time at the store the deliveries free it's it's all the same able Austin what is your name. Andre and thanks for call this morning with the speed and me each had. I talk about. And drag give me give you Helton and our teacher by the way because we like you yeah telephone is a cycle did you like to support of their. That's the word there's limited edition yeah the Sox we knew there. Twenties and enterprise medical device that WG one of those they're limited edition held to the Monty just congratulations yeah. Reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.