Hell To The NAWH - Drive-Thru Dummies

Friday, January 19th

Hey dummy! The two lanes at the drive-thru don't start at the beginning of the parking lot! HELL TO THE NAWH!!! Get in line!


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Daily life. Casey mr. the first sons when you're talking on the radio about how girls Gaza need to do their own thing and call up and sell their own cookies girls got a little little girl's got calls revenue accidentally hang up on air. I was like hello hello hello hello that I went site moved out she went how I mean hung. Like I hung up on greens. Whatever helps me sleep at night. What about spilling beer on children and hanging up and I might check you at who's the girl got him out Bonner to make a leading. Incredible grief across this I'm doing and do what I think you know yeah. How do nothing okay. 7991070. Lord evening on Texas it's 71037. Do you Anna held to the now. Yes I do what he got given six when you go to enter through the back door your buildings and actor huh. Over just twelve and when you open that door you're literally punched in the face with a bunch of steam. The steam bath iron. No idea what happened in my building they have like evacuate yes or something broke somewhere and there was a bunch of really foul smelling super hot steam throughout the building in a sewer line recession. No it was crazy when I afternoon bid. They held and they'll call seven and 91037 or text us seven model 37. Have you and he sale today announced that you can always tell. 71037. Or call 7991037. We have attacks given to a 71037 foot guy from my health good now when you're turning left in the lead into the McDonald's parking lot to go to the drive through death and Ford cars from the oncoming traffic turn. Right and all go to the drive through and get there before. In the lines alone yeah. Know why I got held the job I drive there is is that we're gonna go on this step yes when. You pull me out that go read about this many times and there's one plane that didn't turns into two well let's yeah. Have just come so why don't always go exactly like there's no other law why. You get mad at me for getting upset about license plates. Some real problems Alley c'mon my friends what I. Go somewhere that your media hype that's a problem don't. You're tie would license plates they can really stop a new and apart in the silence that's illegal yeah firefighter and stop taking you are just capturing good morning yearns Dallas what's your Helton now. When you get excited did you finally get to buy a car you take your taxes spend three grand down. First seven months paid 361. Dollar and find out that there's a ball joint. They need to expect. And 400 dollar. Act and Judy later you get. I hit in the back where are you the way I was turning on the freeway and guy with a passing lane and you just. Meet a party early upside down and backwards. Poll yeah. I was cheap and don't Trieste. So the insurance paid it but I forgot to adapt insurance. The remainder of Guerrero. Members of the house of the nobody yet. And angrier or more and more is there. Arnaud Howard K guys that's right now they might feel rigs in art like crap gets real problem never had a problem yes these are real problems. These are real problems on range from dry. Drive through lanes license listing is nothing compared to that we're glad you're okay yeah I emailed. I'm not. Gonna get at least Euro Camden cats and take useless and west Dallas is one have a great weekend. Give as we S of those from the Texas 71 of 37 when you work for a Coca tow company here's person out of a ditch and and you get a call to get a purse out of a ditch. And at the same person you've got. Got down an intelligent driver that person. I am a big deal I am big it got a rescue. Oak Creek hit anyone else who got arrested again. I totally free no different than a well I don't know that number one rule of life which is don't be studio more. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.