Hell To The NAWH - Don't Choke, Dude

Thursday, September 13th

Gibbons nearly died yesterday. What else is there to say except HELL TO THE NAWH!?!?!

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This is a week's finale rewind one of three point seven kiss FM it's great finale temple hills and on. Turn Jordan into Google was shot lower back of virgin on the bachelor. Particularly sharp. Oh yeah like now exists that born again virgin OK and you know we heard just what Goodling was shot urgent on the actually I did hear your dad born again virgin you have regrets what you have to call it and I don't know why I work cold streak yeah. Extreme right used again. I think reborn emerging here both multiple times a gone a year culture you haven't gotten any that it really be out there and are getting big. And I drinking at the summer some Robby a reborn now. President and I doubt they'll put it right now I stopped drinking at like Brooke this straight it's like we have a streak going on on time hopper sorry and breaks industry Dylan and snap Chad I don't wanna stop then it's a sober summer not a sober lifetime says I can't have lost Astaro makes a decision does say when it's over either you're gonna stop it like it a few weeks when summer's over Horry or not. Room thinking about picking up different toppings. And now I mean maybe we'd or something and it's. Your health right now. I'm 170 also Texas 71037. Jenna Helton given. I almost died yesterday you guys can't lie it's what you take a big sip of water beat goes down the wrong place and you choke so bad you get sick yeah. Wow yeah. I'll show you can't coughing so hard that I know. Well it was terrible it's dangerous issue you are not dangerous and actually hit end at 7137. I guess when you're stuck behind someone going to 35 in a 65. And no pets all along I man. Antonio I got on a two lane or did it and it's. He was waiting for a spot yellow line I'm giving it guidelines work. Seven 91037. You can also text to 701037. What have enemy do you say help to the now. I don't know and I know. Nearly the tax and my dad had what is what he's nasty rides today okay read it. 71 of three sevens attacks I guess and I got the one about the birth Cali go ahead tell them enough I guess when you're all dressed up and look like a snack to go rule wedding over the weekend and a bird song you right when you totally see why. Is it a good luck. It doesn't mean in the U pileup no that's not the gasoline your lifespan luck. How many general did that when your mom since US acts to temper your dad at 6 AM. No Alonzo Mourning is sixth in the point. Only your relatives. I started on highway forty back going south testing library's decision. I looked to my left so woman on top number and if you aren't sick while driving down the highway going sixty. Now he's on Syrian surely isn't arriving she was on. While you're driving okay. McNabb hello friends that for the ordinary usage is copper shifted hit every red light on highway 100 turns off almost like you poured legs. Always want more tax okay and when you're 36 weeks pregnant working healthcare and someone has peppermint essential oil. Can't stand ready to alcohol weight man immediately gets sick and Bubba for five and tied union Rendell is married and there's the smell. Details have been out there yes. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.