Hell To The NAWH - Diner Disaster

Tuesday, November 7th

You won't believe what happened to a listener while attempting to enjoy some grub in a diner. HELL TO THE NAWH!!


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This is a three. Smelly rewind while three point seven kiss FM is rigs and now it's time for held to the now. I am going. It's seven an elementary seminary in Texas 7137 what was one of the taxi doesn't get in just three words. That packer game up. I'm pretty wild and they know it goes not Kevin's in Sheboygan which your health soon announce round. Our case so I got let go from my previous job produced ignorant opinion. The tribe or severity and make your business better. Is that your health of the night there or does it get worse got a companies. My children and plus he bounced back to listen near as Maryland open on FaceBook page. I. Well throughout Kevin Kevin from Sheboygan he's very opinion added that hire him because he's awesome thing. Think it's it's a comment. Jamie and received good morning what's your health of the now. When you're fighting here a wake up this morning and start talking about his bikini area. It I'm glad I got to where you're you're you're probably show he was like I can talk about the commercial. Talk about it. Look at that. Given that oh my god what has happened that integrates. That this is your goals it has element that's awkward times you just tell yourself ideal image dot com. The older but her fellow player or your area. Right now and don't ever worry that I did you learn the TV when they thought we could yeah since you didn't think any are. Stations on Jamie outlook for Jackie in Burlington which are held to the no Jackie. Well I went to a bit diner in the Saturday and that. My husband told her after labor outer showed site look across potentially be a hair and its us. Like all the street Charles spelled and he comes and they're out nice but there's the hair and the food at both okay Coca against the owner and owner a couple of our guards. While I don't know if you want me to do it did you connect typically runs away with and that I'll just replace that while blocking a light sold. I'm lucky that my actual bad and I BP's been here are my big get. I'd just take them keep the hair off phrase yeah our first. Oh I did I get a little Pete thought I call wop Colbert show owner. Lisa I know what sheer that doctor previously thought I'd turn right at temporary electronic tight budget outlook that I'm here all else. And I just thought that fact how right. And try to put a little debate Gilbert does this tell each. No dementia all of your heart right being caught I don't know what you want you to deal. I mean I don't think you're the only person having a problem and I don't know they're just trying to get freaked. I. Like I like OK I shot free food I'm looking for my meal and IE should a federal jury and didn't. Which I barely ever since he and have a good practice. And I'm getting screened by the hour. Man talk about now. Palin customers. Holder had batted just all the way to Denver and the wager program our guide you are. Here but why. What Jackie when we get held to the no wards in December you're gonna go in and out here yeah. I don't tell don't nobody else. Couldn't I couldn't believe it like oh my act on now you tell me your intentions are to never go back so I know I'm not worried but I couldn't believe. Yeah we leased an atomic and I don't know where was the credit. Don't hang out pulled on and we may it would give you Helton and I appreciate you haven't noticed hold onto their demeanor that's a hundred of those service now. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.