Hell To The NAWH - The Complaining Friend

Thursday, October 26th

It's that moment when your friend wants to "hear all about your life" then does nothing but complain about their miserable existence. HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!!!!!!


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This is a week's finale re wind tunnel three point seven kiss FM it's Riggs an hourly health have been known. It every day is done. Yes and he's a house announcing 79 and one of three seminary in Texas 71 a three cent a gallon to an hour gun myself yesterday looked at drones that Wal-Mart from a six year old. Sure do. And parent. Knowing that you want to drug for a sixth birthday what the hell I'll go get your line math error. Given an analyst on him. We did a good little uptight about it when for 1999 it's a beginner drone. And he actually go. He used. You don't like. He got to use it yeah. Futures stepbrother as on Obama give us a couple. Given that it's gonna buys a Wii to play the it's totally different that you were. Yeah it's different element really for you guys yeah. We have been in our house now that the that the system. Would have liked alternating like shared custody as a drown out anything from visiting or what you should get weekend visitation with her honor I I'm. I I have to I have to help millions yes it's when you get hit by a buddy for the first time in three months nearly. I'll call you literally hear about things that are going on and then the friendly calls and you don't say five words to these in twenty minutes of complaining about their life. It's like yeah. I'll tell you like and yes we found there is now. So I now and I'm gonna present a little yeah. Seven yeah yeah. Pelton you know. I tell you my mom's Helton announced she called you about yesterday and my mom has a Helton announced she had a little lump removed from her breast to breast cancer that's great. But they were supposed to take the whole thing out right committed. Take the whole thing up just a little heart out little biopsy whoa. The whole thing out so this is still doesn't get a second surgery which is a help to. I've yet it was negative now hunt and they don't know now they just didn't take the whole thing out of what I thought would you do a biopsy of a piece of Eden now. Why they took a piece down. I don't know if I it's hard I don't know daddy got. I'm curious I know they're supposed to take a whole thing alma identical thing on message because another surgery in a might doron it's terrible all of OK for that they should. If you're gonna sales and. There Carl international I said earlier call a lawyer fiery you yeah. And what's your Helton and over there from the Tex lines and the like seven drove all the way to work this morning got to my desk and realized I left my laptop at home and now I'm trying to. What got an early and I have involved. Yes to really get all the way somewhere to figure you left your wallet and car. Lower still yeah. What's your daughter's running around naked because she's scared of the spider. It's right or do you not get back instead of at that they are. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.