Hell To The NAWH - Cheater Busted Big Time

Friday, November 17th

It's that moment when you're in the car with your boyfriend and his OTHER girlfriend shows up! HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!


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And now they re wines. What a three point seven kiss FM it's rigs Adalius on the make you say at all. It's seven and I don't know if we sell all or you can always access 7103701. What's your house and allow you get your. EE I'm not a judge smokers when you're in the charge dude don't focus cigarette and hey get out the window because everybody else now are. Their car they have kids. Don't know what else. I know. Behind the duties smoking NEC. It's up to the window to take his food he drops his cigarette hagel. She pulls up to the window is outlined how the smoke coming from your cigarettes and right in the window. Illinois I. Really let's just be like. Respectful about it you know maybe there. I mean that's about people don't we and its axis of one of 37. Well Arianna we've all worked up about. I you're acting you know what speaking of being worked out I'm worked up and go ahead does it make you know work this morning you guys while I have been driving on the highway and visited. Jerk he is doing 95 miles an hour and a black car with no lights on and non violent Renyel the there's just not syndrome. I gotta tell you semi tech sedan and I think we can all relate to this slime her I held to the now was our his health not a check on the same day get. I'm serious. Just a leash isn't receive which you're held an announcement. I die well. You are circulating air act it out. Lot of effort ever and the riding your record expert. Out there on the floor she. Childish stereo for Dan I guess I imagine that child for letting a telling sign of their marriage the whole thing it and think that's what this is to statistics nowadays I don't. You gave an LP and are there enough data correlation of Terry and walk to show what's your health the military. I was in the car with my boyfriend my Knight and his girlfriend pulled out. They are they're. Girlfriend pulled out normal girls all know he did and it was he's trying to tell and a three way surprise or what was going on as he does and. You are needed here and over the issue of gonna show up and markedly better Arkansas. Yes. Yeah I can just tell you something I've a friend told me she found her boyfriend on tender and I'm like. So I don't etc. wipers on gender and they would dig caps but. I was sad because that was like all women he's dating on tender that have no idea he lives with. That announcement our home. Violates area. I was steered we have a single guy and it's gonna treat you well isn't very nice guy givens William Evans the first things first of like I got to know you're in the car with your boyfriend. His girlfriend pulls up in another car what happens. Yeah. I get out. I got a good start and it might you know I'd add is highlight. Tell us don't know. And yeah all right where Darren there did you run any girl. Well no sight of all do you know what do I have no idea. Did you think that the balls penalty guys continuing for a happy ending a pillow fight US and problem is when women wanna fight each other the only reason you would ever have to fight get a girl isn't she says of the group likes you now. I did like you were the main the main one issue with this I checked just very happy ending is that Terry's gonna reach out to you on FaceBook now radio given since it's because you know god knows he's a grown to how Latin. Thanks for con artists have a military in less than CB Cindy in west Dallas last one what your health of the Nelson in Canton tapped now. Hey Larry I'm died at an annual big. I'm she up by. Rice grains. That I'm going down my aunt she acts and a. Heard time and. Yet I'm no matter what Al. Keep the error and or perhaps and then up you better out of my window. Look at their. That's where our. Your thoughts are actually get Jack wagon wow. All all you should just tell them that and why all right you flip me off maybe shipment dry like it all bloodied baby. Thanks for calling wow that's. An outstanding addition musical Hamlet and a dish standing edition of health and oh yeah our guys right crazy ones where great ones yes. The reason Alley it's Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.